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LifeStar Energy Spa

Light Immersions

Every person is responsive to


Light Information Guided Healing Techniques

LIGHT is in our DNA our cells and atoms

LIGHT is in you


Drop-in and fill up your energy tank for only 20 minutes at a time.

Just schedule at your convenience. 

Now that we have crossed the portal from 2020 to 2021 the way to keep energetic positive momentum is to keep your vibration high. 

Just like you would go to a masseuse to get your physical body to relax with a massage, getting your energy balanced with light helps to offset stress.

We may be in a new year, but our bodies have been through the ringer with COVID, S.I.P. and social distancing. 

Receiving light energy into your energy field through distance healing helps you to stay above the fray and receive information from your own Source. It helps keep one optimistic, hopeful and open to positive change.  

As an energy worker for over 30 years and an intuitive for life as well as certified in energy medicine and a professional dowser, Holly knows that working on the energy field produces far reaching changes beyond just psyche or physical or emotional body work.


Mainstream society has caught on to the mind, body, spirit connection but now the need for energy work is even more prevalent.

All Life is Energy

Energy work aligns you to your authentic being.

To understand how energy medicine works, read any books by

Caroline Myss; Barbara Brennan; Judith Orloff; Bruce Lipton or Donna Eden to name a few. 

Energy Medicine is what is needed for these times. 

The benefits are numerous. 

LifeStar Energy Spa - Light Immersions

Energy builds on itself.

The more you receive, the easier it becomes to receive. 



(Focused energy as needed)

Day Use

(1) 20-Minute Light Immersion

Remote Healing

Book Upon Request




(Steady growth to build momentum)


(4) 20-Minute Light Immersions

Remote Healing

Schedule Monthly




(Intense protocol for greater results)

Double Up Monthly

(8) 20-Minute Light Immersions 

Remote Healing

Schedule Monthly


All you need to do is book this service, have a place to be quiet and free from distractions at your appointed time, 

Holly will text you at the beginning and upon completion of your

20-minute Light Immersion.

As mentioned, it is mostly silent.

(Note: These are not coaching sessions. please schedule coaching if you want dialogue too)

Sit back , relax and receive.

Clearing your energy centers allows you to connect with the Divine and opens up the gateway for your intuition and self-healing. 

Chakras (also known as wheels of light) propel the life force or chi within your physical body. If they are blocked then there will be other issues. The wellness of these vital energy centers is influenced by emotions, mental habits of thinking, and external circumstances like stress, trauma, environment, and other people's energy. But they are also influenced by positive energy, light and measurable healing frequencies.

During a Light Immersion session, you may experience:

Feeling lighter

More pleasant emotions

Support for well-being

Release of blockages



Strength of Purpose

Connection with Life

The process is uncomplicated as you are guided to relax and receive

filling up with Divine Light. 

As always, guided by the Divine is the bottom line.