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Take the 8 Steps To Transform Your Life, Leadership & Legacy

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Step 1:

Assess Your Level to see where you are in your journey of transformation.

Step 2:

Schedule your Connect Call. Your FREE 20 Minute Complimentary Consultation or Speaking Consultation with Holly.

Step 3:

 Sign up for your 60 minutes First Time Client Special, also known as the

"Blueprint Session."

Step 4:

Follow up with a Post-Blueprint call to answer your questions, gain clarity, and to align for beginning any LifeStar Coaching®️ program.

Step 5:

Find the LifeStar Coaching®️ Services that would be most helpful for you.

Step 6:

Invest in your dream through a coaching plan, a VIP Day, a mentorship program,  and/or join a LifeStar Circle

Step 7:

Book your follow-up pre-paid coaching times. You are always invited and encouraged to complete a Session Preparation Form.

Step 8:

Stay inspired with additional resources like the Success Store, LifeStar BlogNew Hum Ezine & LifeStar Oils.

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