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12 Days of Christmas is COMPLETE

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Transform in 2021!

From Christmas Day 2020 through January 5th 2021

12th Day of Christmas

ALL the veils have lifted! Today at midnight ends the first 12 Days of Christmas of Holly Days Specials. Take a look through all days and see what might serve you in the coming weeks and months. Here is one thing that is true: the work continues to give long after your session or class or healing you received. All it takes is showing up. If you show up, Holly Shantara and the Divine will show up with you and for you to help you achieve your goals and dreams. For now, Just one more day, today, and then all of this goes away and Christmas and Holly Days Specials will be over. Hopefully the Spirit of the season will remain in your heart and we can continue to serve you for many days, months and years to come. 

See details of 12 days below: 

"On the 12th Day of Christmas Holly Shantara gave to me, all 12 Days for picking, all the specials underneath the Holly Days tree!" You made it all the way to the last day of our 12 Days of Christmas! On this last day, all the veils have lifted for all offers just for one day. So take advantage of what you can, while you can and create your LifeStar year!

Details "12 Days" Special: Take the Spirit of Holly Days with you into 2021. 

  • You can participate in ALL offers on this page from Day 1 to Day 12, until midnight, January 5th

  • Terms and condition of the plan is found on each day.

  • At midnight, tonight this page and all offers are gone and Holly Days will be complete. 

  • We hope to continue co-creating your LifeStar together in 2021. 


(If you have questions, please request in a text (707)244-SOUL) or email.)


11th Day of Christmas

Kids are like sponges. They pick up everything around them. We might have left 2020 in our wake but the influence this past year has had on adults, undoubtedly left some damage, even if one was living mindfully and taking care of your energy body. Imagine how it was for  the children.  Good news! The kids that have landed here, just like you, are souls that signed up for the journey at this time. (Imagine what it would have been like, if you had received support for your spirit as a youth.) Kids, they need help. 2021 is a year to do it differently. Waking up to your energy is a skill set that is highly needed in this Aquarian Age. Let this first Monday of the new year and Holly's 11th Day of Christmas Special support your "21 & Under" brood. 

See details below. 

"21 & Under" Kids Pack Special! The new year is young and therefore impressionable. Just like the youth, it can be influenced. How do you change the future? You help the kids. One of Holly's deep callings, one in which she is highly experienced is to work with the young and "psychically sensitive." Children are the future. If you have a child 21 or under, this special is for you. 

Details "21 & Under" Special: The elves are getting tired and ready to say "so long" to the Christmas season. They need a rest too before they go back to work at Santa's workshop.  Before they go, and these 12 Days of Christmas Specials are over, they whispered in Holly's ear that something must be done for the children to keep their spirits up. 2020 took its toll on everyone but especially the kids. We hear about the COVID death toll every day on the news but what kind of toll is it having on the children: wearing masks; social distancing; sheltering-in-place; increased screen time; stressed-out parents and teachers; hands off everything and toxic sanitizers? One of the best ways to help kids is to help keep their energy bodies happy and lit up with good chi/mana/lifeforce. In Homeopathy, the guidance is, when you want to heal the child, heal the parent. Holly has plenty of offers for parents. This "21 & Under" special is for the children. Holly knows that everything is energy and kids are like sponges, influenced and acting out on it all. If you are a parent of a child and want some energetic support for your children, this offer is for you. Because children are our future leaders. 


  • Purchase the KIds Pack special found on the Plans and Pricing page

  • Terms and condition of the plan is found on that page. 

  • Once the plan is purchased, you can book your time for you and your child

  • This 11th Day of Christmas special is a new service and will be available for purchase until kids don't have to wear masks to school anymore. Holly and the elves promise. 

(If you have questions, please request in a text (707)244-SOUL) or email.)


10th Day of Christmas

Humans are amazing! We can do anything if we just believe and take the risks needed. What plan do you have in place for your advancement, healing, and implementation of your core values this year? Because the first week of the new year is back to work and routine for most people, be mindful to not let your routine become another same ole, same ole. Remember, nothing changes unless you do. Is it going to be business as usual? Or, are you ready to take the leap and get your life, business, and energy aligned with your Leader within? Invest in your coaching plan, today and we'll throw in some freebies on this first Sunday of the new year and Holly's 10th Day of Christmas Special.

See details below. 

Take the Leap! Freebie Sunday! "Buy this get that!" You know the drill. Holly appreciates so much the opportunity of working with you in any way possible, she has provided some incentive and options to choose from that can work for your motivation, time, and budget. Enjoy this 10th Day of Christmas Special -

Freebie Sunday! 

Details on Freebie Sunday Special: It is already the 10th Day of Christmas. Thanks for hanging in there with the daily emails and offers. We assure you this will not be the new norm and hope you are finding some value in these 12 days of Christmas specials. Once the 12 days are over, so are the offers.  Sunday, is a good time to reflect and see how you plan to enter this first week of the new year. How about some "extra" as you leap into your next evolution of you?


              Freebie Special $2250 (Retail $2800)

  • Freebie Sunday Specials terms of use apply as written in plans and pricing. Exceptions are the credits for the free add-on services which can be extended in time to be fulfilled up to the end of 2021. 

  • As soon as your purchase is complete, you are welcome to book your appointments at your convenience.

  • Schedule ALL your individual sessions in your plan as needed on the Book Appointment Page as pre-paid.

  • This 10th Day of Christmas special will be up until the 12 Days of Christmas and Holly Days Specials are gone by midnight January 5th, 2021. 

If you prefer to purchase in a transaction via phoning in your CC or Venmo instead of PayPal link, please request in a text (707)244-SOUL) or email.


9th Day of Christmas

Break the chains that bind! As much as one would like to swing into a new year, there is a certain amount of expectation and stress when you arrive on January 1. You can still swing, just take the stress off a bit, gain some clarity and find your flow and glow in this hibernation time of the new year. On this 9th Day of Christmas, Holly is giving you a nice New Year's Starter Pack with a combination of services to help you reset by completing the past and opening to possibilities. Get in the swing and the flow to feel your glow.

See details below. 

2021 RESET Starter Pack! Entering into a new year, you might feel like your get-up-and-go has got-up-and-went. If so, Holly has created a special package on this 9th Day of Christmas Special with a combination of coaching and a new service: Energy Spa LIGHT work to reset your energy into alignment for 2021.

Details on 2021 RESET Special: Ready to let go of the past and embrace the new year and the new you?  As much as we would like to believe that 2021 is going to be a better year than 2020, the truth is, nothing changes unless you do. The world is still fighting a pandemic; the election is still in conflict; and core issues like global warming and vaccinations are still in process. Yet, you can orient to the beat of your own drummer and making a difference by keeping in swing with your higher intentions. Remember the adage, "put the oxygen mask on yourself first?" To help get you off on the right foot, Holly has put together a nice little package to get your started.


Your 2021 RESET Special includes:

(1) Blueprint Session to really check in on your LifeStar design (value $195);

(2) Follow up 60-Minute Coaching Sessions( value $590)

(4) Energy Spa 20-minute Remote Healing Sessions (value $299);


All for the Holly Days special rate of $888 ( retail $1084)

Terms and conditions: 

  • Purchase your 2021 RESET Special of $888 (retail $1084) by clicking the image above or at the following link: 9th Day of Christmas 2021 RESET Special  

  • After purchasing you may schedule ALL your individual sessions as pre-paid on the Book Appointment Page as needed ( i.e. Blueprint Session; (2) 60-minute Coaching Sessions; (4) Energy Spa Sessions)

  • It is important you book all your appointments within the first 90 days of 2021 to get into the swing of things. 

  • Starter pack is good for use as long as is needed to fulfill your plan. 

  • As soon as your purchase is complete. you are welcome to book your appointments at your convenience.

  • This 9th Day of Christmas special will be up until the 12 Days of Christmas and Holly Days Special is gone by midnight January 5th, 2021. 

If you prefer to purchase in a transaction via phoning in your CC or Venmo instead of paypal link, please request in a text (707)244-SOUL) or email.


8th Day of Christmas

On New Years' Eve we said goodbye to 2020. Some people said "good riddance." But, the truth is, you probably made way for some new last year. Hopefully, you did. When you start a new year, it means there is a fresh start, a new beginning, a reset. To make that reset most successful, take the time to reassess. On this 8th Day of  Christmas, Holly is gifting you a copy of her Live Like a LifeStar book in pdf format. It's a small book with a big message and an easy read. On this 1st day of 2021, download Holly's book - Live Like A LifeStar for FREE align to the true you to create your best self on the blank canvas of 2021. See details below. 

New Years' Day Special! On this 8th Day of Christmas download Holly Shantara's book: Live Like A LifeStar lifestyle design with heart and soul for FREE. May this gift help guide your LifeStar journey in 2021. 

Details on New Year's Day Special: Live Like A LifeStar in 2021! Today is a new day. Every day is a new day to begin again. Yet, there is something special about a new year. It is a collective move forward and you are part of influencing the collective. You have what you need within you. With the right prompts, reflection, inspiration and guidance you can transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary.  Just say "YES" to you and your heart and soul and you are on your way. Begin by clicking on the "2021 Start " image above to access your FREE copy of Holly Shantara's book Live Like A LifeStar. No requirements or terms. Just enjoy this FREE gift. Remember your 2020 hindsight can lead to 2020 vision for creating your lifestyle design with heart and soul in 2021. Enjoy!🥳


7th Day of Christmas

It's New Years' Eve! The last day of this crazy, difficult, weird, and challenging year of 2020. Yes, some good has happened too. The best way to say goodbye is to say hello to the new. Do you need help envisioning your 2021? Tap into Holly's FREE guide and set your vision right for the new year. 

See details below. 

New Years' Eve Special! On this 7th Day of Christmas unwrap this FREE gift to help you build your vision for 2021. 

Details on New Year's Eve Special: What are you doing on NYE? WIth S.I.P. and not a whole heck of a lot going on in this pandemic, Holly thought it a great idea to build a new vision for 2021 and wanted to share that experience with you. Vision Board anyone? What a great idea! Just click on the NYE clock above and you will have your own PDF version of Holly's updated 7-Steps to Create Your Ideal Lifestyle. No requirements or terms. Just enjoy this FREE gift. Oh, and Happy New Year 🥳 


6th Day of Christmas

We don't want you to feel like you missed something. One of the ways we have regrets is if we feel we missed out on something.  Missed the Holiday Gift cards? How about the offer to share a special with a friend? $100 credit for 2021? Birthday FREE session? Full Moon Couples Special? Holly believes in living a life of no regrets.Every one of the offers from the 1st to the 5th Day of Christmas is available for today only until midnight 12/20/20. The veils have lifted!

See details below. 

No Regrets - 1st, 5 DAYS of Christmas Special! Did you miss something? We know how it feels. Halfway through the 12 Days of Christmas, Holly is opening up the first 5 days of Christmas specials again! Only through midnight 12/30/20.

Details on No Regrets - Christmas Special: Did you miss any of Holly's Christmas specials? Well, the veils are lifting! Today ONLY through midnight 12/30 the 1st, 5 days of Christmas are open again for participation. Yes! That means if you missed a special on the 1st 5 days of Christmas before it expired, it is now reopened for one day only! 

  • Any offer on the 1st, 5 days of Christmas are open to you.

  • Participate in just 1, or all, 5-day offers.

  • If you have already purchased or participated, registered, or redeemed, you cannot purchase twice.

  • All offers are as stated with terms and limits as listed on each day of Christmas with the exception of expire purchase dates BEFORE December 30th, 2020.

  • Any questions, please email 

  • After December 30th, all 6 days of Christmas offers will be closed and the veils will go up once again.

( If you prefer to purchase in a transaction via PayPal or Venmo instead of online or Gift Card, please request in a text (707)244-SOUL) or email.


5th Day of Christmas

"We're not perfect. Only the moon and the stars are perfect." said Nicholas Cage to Cher in the movie, "Moonstruck." Perfect is not the goal. Reflecting the good in each other and seeing the truth is the goal. Where two or more are gathered (virtually) the Divine and Holly will be! When couples work together, they grow together. In this 5th Day of Christmas Full Moon Special offer, choose any LifeStarX plan and join with your significant other or +1.  Bring your ring of relationship to a whole other level of real.  See details below. 

Full Moon Couples Special! The moon reflects and so does your relationships. The couples that coach together, grow together. On this 5th Day of Christmas grab your +1, pick any LifeStarX plan and level up, together, in 2021. 

Details on Full Moon - Couples Special: Working on yourself in any capacity is great and helps your relationships at the same time. But often you might find you are growing and your partner is not. Or, the reverse may be true.  What is going on here is that you are growing independently and not together. The couples that coach together, grow together in understanding, healing, and transformation. Coaching is different from regular therapy. We are not looking for what's wrong but for how to improve through insight, love language skills, mediation, and upgrading your soul and karmic relationship contracts. It makes a difference in accelerated growth. All you need to take advantage of this offer is you and your significant other to pick a LifeStarX plan together today, 12/30/20 for your work on relationship upgrade in 2021. 

  • Take advantage of this full moon couples special on this 5th Day of Christmas by midnight January 5th, 2021 and get your relationship growth plan in place for 2021.

  • Check out the LifeStarX Plans and Pricing. Pick a plan. Make a purchase and email Holly your +1's name. Once paid, you can schedule as often as needed through the Schedule Appointment link and pick the Pre-paid Coaching option.

  • Not combinable with any other offer. If you already have coaching credits, they are meant for you. Yes, it is good to work on yourself too, separate from your relationship. The couple's work is a track that is meant for "together work." 

  • This offer is meant for those that are committed to working together for the duration of the plan. However, If one partner decides not to continue coaching for whatever reason, the remaining credits will be rolled over to a solo plan. You will not lose your coaching credits. 

  • LifeStarX couples credits are good for the time limits posted. i.e LifeStar3x for one month. LifeStar6x for 3 months. The work doesn't work unless you both show up. Sitting on credits holds no value for anyone growing a relationship. Therefore there will be no time extensions in this offer unless it is a super-duper special circumstance. 

  • This Full Moon - Couples Special is good until midnight January 5th, 2021. 

  • If you don't have a (+1)  but like the idea of group coaching for your business partner or family member,  check out the Constellation plans as you scroll down on the Plans and Pricing page.

( If you prefer to purchase in a transaction via PayPal or Venmo instead of online or Gift Card, please request in a text (707)244-SOUL) or email.


4th Day of Christmas

Birthdays come once a year and Holly thinks they are great times to set your energy on how you want your next year to go. Kind of like New Years Day, only it's your special day. Send Holly your birthday and contact information so she can add you to her birthday calendar for 2021. Once your birthday arrives you receive a FREE birthday session. See details below. 

Make The List - Birthday Special! On this 4th Day of Christmas send Holly an email of your birthday in 2021 and when your special day arrives, you will earn a FREE birthday session! 

Details on Make The List - Birthday Special: Birthdays can be something to look forward too or they can be a drag. Part of what helps make a birthday great is setting your energy and intentions for the coming year. Holly wants to help make this happen for you on this 4th day of Christmas special offer. Just send your birthday and contact information in an email to holly@hollyshantara.com and she will add you to her birthday calendar for 2021. Once your birthday arrives, if you are on her list, you will be able to have your birthday session FREE.

  • Birthday special sessions are good through 2021.

  • To qualify, you must send your birth date and contact information, by midnight, January 5th, 2021. 

  • You can send Holly your actual birthday, i.e. September 1, 1972, or your full birthdate i.e. day, time, and place. The full date/place adds to the uniqueness of the birthday special session.

  • Birthday special sessions are 60 minutes in length and will be recorded and sent to you.

  • There is no cost to you. Yes, it is FREE.

  • Your birthday special session can happen only once in 2021. 

  • Birthday special sessions are redeemable anytime within a week (7 days) before during or after your birthday.

  • This Birthday Special offer is good until midnight January 5th, 2021. ( Note: You MUST send your email by midnight January 5th, 2021)

  • No limitation applies to get your free birthday special session in 2021 except to send your birthday information by January 5th, 2021! If you do not send your birthday info you will not qualify or receive. 


3rd Day of Christmas

Would you like a little extra special? Make a purchase of a $1999 gift card on this 3rd Day of Christmas and receive a $100 credit towards Holly's new plans, programs or LifeStar Circles in 2021. "Gift card purchase" special ends January 5th, 2021 midnight and so does the option to share with a friend ( 1st & 2nd Day of Christmas special.) See details below. 

Extra Special! On the 3rd Day of Christmas purchase a 1st or 2nd of Christmas offer and get $100 credit to use towards any new circle, event, plan or offer in 2021. New plan/prices coming!

Details on Extra Special: Would you like some extra incentive to get you motivated for coaching in 2021? If you purchase any 1st or 2nd Day of Christmas specials (scroll down to view offers) before 12 Midnight, on January 5th, 2021 and receive $100 credit towards any new plan, circle or offer from Holly in 2021. 

  • Credit good for one year from date of 2020 purchase.

  • $100 credit, redeemable for any coaching/mentoring offer Holly makes including LifeStar Circles in 2021. 

  • Use your $100 credit towards coaching, classes, mentoring or session purchases for yourself or another.

  • Not applicable towards Success Store items like books, MP3s. MP4s or any reports, pdfs, digital or supplies.

  • This Extra Special offer is good until midnight January 5th, 2021. ( Note: Gift card purchase expires midnight on January 5th. If you want extra savings, share a gift card purchase before midnight January 5th)

  • Once your purchase is made, your $100 credit will be added to your account to use in 2021!

  • It is up to you to request when and where you would like your $100 credit to be used towards.


( If you prefer to purchase in a transaction via PayPal or Venmo instead of online or Gift Card, please request in a text (707)244-SOUL) or email.

2nd Day of Christmas

Are you pooped from 2020? Holiday spending got you down? As Winnie the Pooh said to Piglet " Things are much better with two." Take the pressure off. Build your 2021 with a friend and support each other's growth. Purchase ANY plan/session/offer that Holly has right now through midnight of January 5th and split the cost and session credits with your friends, family members or business partners. See details below. 

Share with a friend! Any plan, any offer, any friend. Purchase until midnight January 5th and share the cost & coaching credits with a friend, business associate or family member.

Details on Share with a Friend:  Get that extra support for 2021Find a person you like and share the cost, and credits of your coaching plan! Once purchased, you and your friend, family member or business associate can book separately on the Schedule Appointment link. Each will choose separately a Pre-purchased 60-minute or 30-minute coaching option as needed, whenever you like. As long as you have the credits you can book when you like.

EX: You buy a Gift Card for 10 sessions. Name your friend. You get 5 session credits and so does your friend. Book whenever you like. They split the cost of $1999 with you and reimburse you for $999.

  • One person purchases for two. You can work out your pay and credit splits on your own but make sure you let Holly know your plan in a text or email. 

  • Offer applies to current gift card purchase and ANY other plan or Premium Coaching session that Holly has on her website. Just mention the sharing with a friend offer when you purchase, name your friend and you're done! Credits are split between the two of you.

  • There is no separate link to split. You must have one person pay and your friend can reimburse you. 

  • Plan expiration dates stand as offered. Coaching credits are good as stated. i.e Gift card expires 1 year from date of purchase.

  • You are not obligated to have to coach with your friend or book appointments together. Just the purchase and sharing coaching credits. The perk is you can share your experiences offline. 

  • This share with a friend offer is good until midnight January 5th, 2021. ( Note: Gift card purchase expires midnight on January 5th, 2021 as well. If you want extra savings, share a gift card purchase before midnight January 5th)


( If you prefer to purchase in a transaction via PayPal or Venmo instead of online or Gift Card, please request in a text (707)244-SOUL) or email.

1st Day of Christmas

On this first day of Christmas, December 25th, Holly is extending her gift card purchase through midnight of January 5th, 2021. Previously the expiration was 12/25/20. Christmas. We have added a lifted veil extension before both gift cards are taken down. Click on the image below for more info.

Gift Cards for purchase, extended until midnight of January 5th!


Details on Holly Days:                  Regular- LifeStar 6x: $2250            Special:$1999

                                                           Regular- 6-month fulfillment         Special: Up to 1-year to fulfill plan and use credits

Details on Blueprint Gift Card: Regular - For first-time clients only Special - Those that have not worked with Holly in one year or special hardship circumstances

( If you prefer to purchase in a transaction via PayPal or Venmo instead of Gift Card, please request in a text (707)244-SOUL or email.

Message From Holly

2020 has been a year for the books and yet me have made it through into 2021.

I saw a sign the other day that read "2021, the bar is set really low from 2020. You got this!" Though that was humorous, it depicts the crazy year that was 2020. 


This is the time of the great spiritual reset.


You are needed and the best way you can stay connected to your purpose and fulfill your destiny path is to maintain your connection to the Light of the Divine. If you are ready to "Enlighten Up Your Life, Leadership and Legacy" I am ready to be an ally on your journey. 


In 2021 things are changing is is true. Yet, how they change will be determined by each one. It is up to you to choose. You are a powerful influencer by your thoughts, words, and actions. You are here to ignite the light along with many others. You are not alone. I, along with your guides, loved ones, and the Divine, support your journey. 

I have made these 12 Days of Christmas with an offer each day that might suit your needs. Check back each day to see what has been added. 


Wishing you miracles, magic, and possibilities during this holiday season and beyond. 


In service to the Divine in you, with love and blessings to you and yours, 

Holly Shantara

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