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The New Human Leader




"Level Up Your Life, Leadership & Legacy"




Be ready for a fast-track experience to “Level up” your Life & Business!  Experience the:



Life & Business Leadership VIP Breakthrough Day 

with Holly Shantara.


Your V.I.P. Day experience is guaranteed to inspire, motivate and direct you towards your own unique success blueprint.



Whether you desire clarity of purpose, to grow your company, attract the right opportunities, or increase your personal and professional success, your V.I.P. Leadership & Breakthrough Day will assist you to tap into your own personal guidance system, access your deeper authentic self and get out of your own way for life-changing results.


Here is what is included in your V.I.P. Leadership & Breakthrough Day:


  • Direct Access For One Day with Holly Shantara – Whether you choose to see Holly in the San Francisco Bay Area or to have Holly join you at your own location afar, you will experience transformation, "ahas" and breakthroughs. Included are 6 hours of empowering guidance with task breaks. In person VIP Day include a brainstorming lunch. Not able to meet in person? No problem. Schedule your VIP Breakthrough Day to take place in the virtual world, online or over the phone over (2) half day sessions.  (Scheduling Option: (2) three hour days.)


  • “F.O.C.U.S. To Grow” System – The structure and space held within the VIP Breakthrough Day is intuitive and specific to you. It is designed to get you clear & confident about your goals, decisions and strategies while strengthening and developing your own authentic leadership style. F.O.C.U.S is analgous for:


    • Find Your Path

    • Overcome Your Obstacles

    • Clarify Your Vision

    • Uitlize Your Super Powers

    • Succeed with Inspiration


  • “Get Clear” Mentoring – Upon initial investment in your VIP Breakthrough Day, you will be sent a welcome letter with confirmation and agreement as well as some questions to determine your general goals and specific intentions. Your VIP Day develops on the journey between where you stand now - when you commit to your VIP Day -  and where you Level Up in your life and business. The gap closes as clarity is found, resonance reached, declarations stated, commitments made and action steps taken. Mentoring begins the moment you sign up for your VIP Day and will continue until your Success Blueprint is delivered to your email in-box, upon completion of your VIP Day.


  • “Make It Happen” Success Blueprint – Within a week of completion of your VIP Breakthrough Day, a custom-designed briefing known as a Success Blueprint will be delivered to you via email, with the highlights of your VIP Day, achievements and action plan. You can take this with you into streamlining your goals and bridge towards the next step in your goals and accomplishments. 


  • Bonus: Mp3 recordings of your VIP Day will be sent to your email address. A lot can happen in a VIP Breakthrough Day and you might not want to spend the whole time taking notes. In fact, when you are in the experience of the VIP Day, your logical mind may give way to a larger consciousness as you get the BIG picture. That is why the recording is invaluable for taking away those nuggets of information for later review.

Here are some topic suggestions for what can be covered in your 
Life & Business Leadership
VIP Breakthrough Day:

Your VIP Day will be unique because you have your own blueprint for success. The work with Holly Shantara is never “cookie cutter” and always involves bringing who you truly are, and your connection to the Divine, to the table.  You are guaranteed to come away from your VIP Breakthrough Day:


  • Knowing yourself in a deeper more empowering way.

  • Becoming a more authentic and heart-centered leader in your life and business.

  • Life changing guidance with insights, tools, and empowerment for success and fulfillment.


Client Testimony

Barb Hammer
Business Strategist & Coach  Produce Momentum

Through my 3-1/2 years of business building, I’ve come to more fully recognize the symbiotic and synergistic relationship between being and doing, heart and head, ideating and grounding. Try as I might, I had not been able to guide myself past some internal obstacles to significantly ground and materialize my heart’s desire, my spirit’s vision. I had no blueprint to follow structurally and a crisis of confidence about my own readiness and ability. Moreover, years of playing it safe had established some very ingrained mindsets and ways of being.


Then along came Holly and her VIP Day.


At VIP’s conclusion, the word that keeps coming up for me is freedom. I am free to move forward and into action. In fact, the action that was overshadowed by doubt or fear, now feels compelling. Standing for who I am and what I believe, speaking publicly and having heart based business conversations, allowing the work I do to evolve and emerge - it has now come to feel organic, natural, easy.


I heard my calling. I knew it to be true. I trusted the process. I just needed another blessed being to help guide us both forward. And, for me that blessed being was Holly.