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New LifeStar Circle Series July 17th - August 14th

6:15 pm - 7:15 (spotlight Q&A window open until 8)

Prosperity Garden of Divine Dreams

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If you are scheduling the day of event, text (707)244-SOUL so we can manually register you and send you the Zoom invitation. 

Divine Alignment Series

Welcome to the Gateway of LifeStars 
Meet Your Hostess, Holly Shantara
Set Your Intention To Enter The Garden
Connect Into The Inner Circle 
Receive Guidance, Instruction & Support 
Leave the Garden with Wisdom, Love & Power

What: Divine Alignment Series - Prosperity Garden

When: Join Us Friday Evenings July 17th, 24th, 31st, August 7th, and 14th

From 6:15pm PDT (75 - 120 minutes)

Where: Zoom Conferencing ( Join by Audio or Video)

The link will be given after booking. The meeting will be recorded and sent

if you cannot make one of the circles.

Price: $150 for the 5 series. $130 for 4; $120 for 3. $50 for drop-in 

Go to "Circles" under "Choose Services" on the Book Appointment Page

(You are welcome to use the link to schedule or you can Venmo me and I will add you manually.) 

If you are scheduling the day of event, text (707)244-SOUL so we can manually register you and send you the Zoom invitation. 





by Holly Shantara

Speak to me of the garden of my dreams where the Divine has planted seeds of light

and I can enjoy the fruits of my labor

Speak to me of the garden of my dreams

where pick and hoe unearth hidden treasures

the wealth of the ancients that I have inherited by good measure

Speak to me of the garden of my dreams, where angels come to dwell amongst my path of prosperous visions

I invite you to visit in the garden of my dreams so that what food you take with you from the bounty of my harvest may be the star seeds you plant in the heavenly garden of your dreams.

May we share in the bounty together.

The Divine has visited me in my garden and walked and talked with me daily on my path. 

Though we are pruned and weeded and it looks as though much has been lost,

the new growth is showing and there is a thaw in the frost.

Come with me now and I will show where He sits and if you ask for Her guidance

the Divine will surely be swift.

To prune what is dead and nurture the seeds

will make your life an oasis in the garden of Divine dreams


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  • SHARING harvesting * talents * insights * goods * news * intuition * growth * success 



Spend * Energy. * Entertaining * Divine* Source

Have Your Stars Aligned?

Find Your Leader Within In The Prosperity Garden 

Greetings LifeStar!


We often use the statement 'the stars just aligned' when something has come to fruition: when you meet that special someone; when the dream job lands in your lap or you win the lottery; when you get the correct diagnosis from your doctor and are finally able to begin your healing journey.


We often say things in passing that we take for granted.

A lot of the problems we see in the world today are due to imbalances created through being out of alignment with the bigger picture. Corruption of cells, people, corporations and environment happens when humans do not follow the Divine Pattern that is set in all of life, all of nature. 

I’ve spent my whole life focused on deepening my connection to what I have come to know as The Divine Pattern. When you’re aligned things go well, synchronicity & manifestation happens. “Miracles“ move. The stars truly do align. 

The benefits of Divine Alignment are numerous:

  • A greater ease

  • An increase of trust in life

  • Ability to "read the signs" 

  • Clarity and release of confusion

  • More enjoyment of life 

  • A greater sense of purpose 

  • Increased ability to manifest resources, situations, and opportunity

  • Healing of long-standing issues

  • Restored creativity and interest in life

  • The release of the D.R.O.S. ( Depression; Repression; Oppression; Suppression)

  • +Way More!


You are invited to participate in the Divine Alignment Series.

These are a series of guided group themed circles with dialogue and energy clearing, visualizations, and supernatural support through zoom video conferencing. Since we are working in a group you will also witness through other experiences that may help to facilitate your own coming into alignment with the Divine.

I was asked once by a client, "how do I get into your inner circle?" I answered that those who mentor with me in their leadership path, come through a type of initiation that makes for a closer relationship to the Divine. The values of trust, integrity, accountability, and responsibility become integrated. It is the result of being in true authentic alignment with one's Divine Authority within. It isn't just about my inner circle., it is yours. I now bring that inner circle to you. 

The Inner circle group setting addresses the collective as themes playing out in the stories and lives of the participants. Address and transcend your issues, as we clear the patterns energetically and rise as a whole, in unique, inspiring and playful ways, touching in on the sacred and the irreverent, and learning some cool stuff along the way. Bring your Q & A, issues, and come as you are. Inspiration provided! 

Please feel free to share this with a friend or colleague.

See you in the circle!

With heart, 

Holly Shantara

Success Leaves Clues


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