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Divine Alignment Series

Have The Stars Aligned?

What You Seek Is Seeking You
Come Home To Your LifeStar! Bridge Your Higher Self With Your Earthly Reality. Level Up Your Leadership. Livelihood, Health, and Destiny. In This Powerful Series, Holly Shantara Guides You and Others to "Align To The Divine." 

Join Us Every Thursday Evening From 6-7PM PST

Beginning February 21st 

Zoom Conferencing

Registration Required

$52 per class

Open forum group setting addressing the collective as themes playing out in the stories and lives of the participants. Address and transcend your issues in unique, inspiring and playful ways, touching in on the sacred and the irreverent, and learning some cool stuff along the way.
Bring your Q & A, issues and come as you are. Inspiration provided!
"Success Leaves Clues"
Message From Holly Shantara:

" We often use the statement 'the stars just aligned' when something has come to fruition: when you meet that special someone; when the dream job lands in your lap or you win the lottery; when you get the correct diagnosis from your doctor and are finally able to begin your healing journey.


We often say things in passing that we take for granted.


I’ve spent my whole life helping others to work on alignment to what I have come to know as The Divine Pattern. When you’re aligned things go well, synchronicity happens. “Miracles“ happen.


The benefits of Divine Alignment are numerous:

  • A greater ease

  • An increase of trust in life

  • Ability to "read the signs" 

  • Clarity and release of confusion

  • More enjoyment of life 

  • A greater sense of purpose 

  • Increased ability to manifest resources, situations, and opportunity

  • Healing of long-standing issues

  • Restored creativity and interest in life

  • The release of the D.R.O.S. ( Depression; Repression; Oppression; Suppression)


To assist I would like to invite you to participate in the Divine Alignment Series.


These are open forum classes through zoom video conferencing which allows you to come into alignment with what you want to bring into manifestation. Since we are working in a group you will also witness what others need to go through in their life to come into alignment with what they are trying to achieve as well.


Some people cannot get to work one on one with me as frequently as they would like with the divine alignment series it also offers the benefit of being able to tap into a live or recorded meeting where we where you get the benefit of taking the information and the energetics in that is going to add value into your life this series will begin the start of the Chinese new year because after all the stars are aligned! If you would like to participate you can sign up for just a solo class to try it out or you can sign up for the series will be a series of six divine alignment series. What will take place in these is I will come with a topic that I’m guided to bring to each one it may be on Health it may be on relationship it may be on business made have to do with clearing clutter out of your life but in all these series or classes there is also a open Q&A where you get to bring your questions or topics and we can work on them together like we were in a private session space just with others around we’re in this very creative cycle right now at the beginning of the year 2019 were almost 10 2020 we we are living the future now and part of my work is been to recognize and bring value to and help to develop the new human. The new human Leader Understands the value in living life beyond the five senses. For humans to evolve we have to integrate arts six cents intuition the ability to use the gifts of clairvoyance clear audience clear sentence. Most people have had an experience of being around somebody who is in a bit and I’m path and you may be as well. In this divine alignment series we address these gifts and talk about the new evolution that’s taking place so that we can dwellAnd relate inter-dimensional he. Our evolution as a human species needs this growth step. Please join me in Coming into divine alignment

  • Learn to strengthen your ability to read intuitively situations and people‘s energy so that you’re not confused about the signals that you’re getting from the universe because success leaves clues the universe leaves clues and often those clues or nonverbal language I’ve spent a lifetime developing a language for the unseen the non-physical the world of energetics through this series you will hone your ability to also sense see feel no sheer more of what’s happening in the energetic world