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The LifeStar Coaching®️ Journey Is Yours

Success is about puzzle pieces coming together. With custom-designed LifeStar Coaching® services to meet your personal and professional needs, you can take your leadership dream to the next level.   


In transition or facing challenge?

Questions you may be asking yourself in your leader shift:

Level 1


"I have a dream.

How do I make it happen!? "

Level 2


"I've been leading a bit. How do I solve my current challenges?"

Level 8


"My life is on point as is my money, mission, and message. How do I align to leave my greatest footprint?"

Level 7


"I  am successful in my area of expertise. How do I grow beyond what I already know?

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Level 3


"I am aware of my greater purpose. What steps do I take to serve the greater good? "

Level 4


"I am going through a big career transition, exploring a shift.

How do I navigate these changes?"

Level 6


"I  am guiding a team/tribe already. How can I be a better leader? 

Level 5


"I am definitely on the entrepreneurial path.

How do I advance without burnout?


A. Coleman

VP of Global Expansion & Partnerships

"A friend introduced me to Holly over 7 years ago and she has been a strong witness and advocate for me since then. Holly has been a constant coach and advocate as I navigated major professional and personal transitions which have led to significant breakthroughs in all areas.  Her diverse skillset challenges me to face my fears and raise my game. Holly expects to see rapid-fire long-term results in her partnership. Holly has consistently illuminated the way for me to thrive and live a passionate authentic life on my terms."


"Ideas have a short shelf life. You must act on them before the expiration date."

John C. Maxwell
Leadership Speaker

Speaking on Leadership

Holly Shantara is trained by the John Maxwell Team to teach leadership. And yes, leadership can be taught. She is also a member of Toastmasters International. Most of all she has been guiding people to follow their True North and make dreams come true for lifetimes.


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Juan Carlos Fernandez

Architect, Partner - Signum Architecture

"'The Dolphin within Man', a personal belief that Holly helped me to take to deepest levels of my life. With this belief, Holly guided me through a successful and higher path of my personal and professional life. It provided me the strength and humility to excel as a husband, father, son and brother to my family, as a person to my friends and as an architect to my clients. It inspired me to encourage other people around me to find their personal “Holly” if they want to advance further in life. And for that and more I will always thank her."