"Ideas have a short shelf life. You must act on them before the expiration date."

John C. Maxwell
Leadership Speaker


 LifeStar Coaching®️ Services

Success is about puzzle pieces coming together. Whether you are looking for you, your family, or your team we have you covered with custom-designed LifeStar Coaching services to meet your needs.     

Develop your life and business multidimensionally. The LifeStar Coaching model is simplified through the diagram below. You may relate to one or many of the LifeStar houses depending on where you are on your personal and professional path. 

Image by Sean Oulashin
Assess Your Level

Where Are You in Your LifeStar Journey?

Level 1


"I am discovering there is more to my life. Where do I go next? "

Level 2


"I am discovering there is more to my life. Where do I go next? ""I am looking for new solutions and new tools to solve challenges"

Level 8


"My life is on point as is my money, mission, and message. Ready to work on my footprint!"

Level 7


"I  am successful in my area of expertise but there are areas of my life I am just beginning to grow.

Level 3


"I am ready to finetune my path, passion and purpose. How do I serve the greater good? "

Level 4


"I am going through a big change and could use some guidance."

Level 6


"I  am guiding a team/tribe already. How can I be better? 

Level 5


"I am confident I make a difference and ready for expansion strategies. 

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Explore the LifeStar Coaching®️ Services that are right for you.

LifeStar Circles

Circle: A group of people with shared professions, interests, and values

LifeStar Circles are a place for you to embody your true self and support your inner vitality through guidance, energy work, and resources. 

Be Stimulated, Renewed, and Transformed

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Yoga at Home

                            LIFESTAR CIRCLE:

Mini-Course on Dowsing - Pre-Recorded Digital 

Includes videos, slide deck, and links to materials


LifeStar VIP Days

Get The Fast Trak Leadership Direction For Success

Whether you are working on your personal or professional  life, leadership, or legacy, investing in a day with Holly Shantara is going to bring a combination of logic, magic and results into your world.

Your VIP Day is unique and custom-designed to meet your needs

VIP Day Option #1

For Your Professional Life Focus

Custom Designed Business Day
With Holly Shantara

Whether you desire clarity of purpose, to grow your company, attract the right opportunities, or increase your bottom line, you will come away from your Leadership Breakthrough VIP Day with life-changing insights, tools, and powerful guidelines to create your blueprint for success.

VIP Day Option #2

For Your Personal Life Focus

Custom Designed Personal Day
With Holly Shantara

 Experiencing a personal VIP Day helps you achieve fulfillment by clearing out the psychic clutter, clarifying personal goals so you can move beyond your limitations. Explore your success road map for co-creating your best life with Holly Shantara as your guide.

Image by laura adai
This is a great way to connect with Holly Shantara. She will get to know you and your needs give some valuable insight and see togther if it is a fit to progress to the B...
20 min
Speaking on Leadership

Holly Shantara is trained by the John Maxwell Team to teach leadership. And yes, leadership can be taught. She is also a member of Toastmasters International. Most of all she has been guiding people to follow their True North and make dreams come true for lifetimes.