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 LifeStar Coaching®️ Services

 Success is about puzzle pieces coming together. 

Whether you are looking for you, your family, or your team we have you covered, with fixed or custom-designed plans to fit your needs.

Entrepreneurial, Executive &

Leadership Consulting

Mentoring, Mediation &

Advisory Coaching

  • Professional Intuitive Business Consultations  & Clearings


  • Leadership & Professional Speaker Authenticity Development

  • Partner/Team Constellation Alignment

  • Brainstorming & Mastermind Core Steps

  • Career Re-Invention & Re-Design Business Coaching

  • Wealth Creation & Prosperity Management

  • Inspirational  "Goals &  Growth" Planning

  • Effective Communication Mediation 

  • Keynote Speaking Preparation 

  • In-House Corporate "Mindfulness & Motivation" Training 

  • Youth Leadership Guidance & Empowerment

  • Executive Team Building 

  • Intuitive Consulting & Mentoring On-the-Go Guidance & Blueprint Sessions

  • Professional Dowsing & Energy Clearing

  • Life, Soul & Spiritual Coaching​​ Plans

  • 3D to 5D Ascension Embodiment & Integration

  • Birth/Death Life Passages & Transitions​​​​

  • Authentic Empowerment - Love, Wisdom, Power Alignment

  • Relationship, Family, Soul Mate Constellation Contract Work​​

  • Divine Alignment Connection & Channeling​

  • Space & Land Clearing & Blessing


  • Feng Shui Consultations 

  • Hypnotherapy​

  • Labyrinth Walks & Sacred Site Ceremonies

  • Private & Group Classes &  Retreats



The  LifeStar Coaching®️ Model

Develop your life and business from above to below, from inside outside.

Visit the 8 areas or "houses" of your LifeStar through the diagram below.


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