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In both the Live Like a LifeStar book and Companion Journal there is a plan for outlining your ideal life.

Putting together your goals and creating tangible action steps is another necessary process so you can Live Like A LifeStar. 


Here is  your free gift : The LifeStar Goal Setting sheet that contains questions that you can return to for downloading again and again. Just click on the PDF image to download and print.

It is suggested to answer these questions  at key points in your life. For instance, at the ending or start of a new year; milestone birthday; significant life event like the birth of a child, opening  a business or a year long sabbatical. 

Remember, your plans may change, but your goals will stay until you achieve theme if they are truly aligned with your LifeStar. 

Just know there is always more room to grow. 

For assistance with these questions, taking action, and becoming a LifeStar, check out Holly Shantara’s LifeStar Coaching®️ program at 180LifeShift.com.


Live true to you.

To your success!

Holly Shantara

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