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Maui Essential Workers

For the good of the whole of Maui, due to the Fires from 8/8.

I am offering my services remotely and for free or by donation, for our hearts are with the people of Lahaina and those affected by The Maui Fires. I am an experienced guide, mentor, and energy worker for essential workers, volunteers, and influencers. I am here to help the people who help the people. You are welcome to text me directly at 808-866-4986. If you would like to schedule, click the link below and be taken to the already paid-for-time link. Follow me on IG and FB for more.


I have created a Light Meditation known as the Heart of Lahaina, and I invite you to join me in contributing your energy. The meditation is now available on YouTube. Please follow this link to access.

Maui is my spiritual home.


I have lived on Maui off and on since I was 14 years old -this life. I feel a deep connection and have many kamaaina connections.  The fires that happened in Lahaina are way too much. 

We are all connected.

I am here to offer my skills and healing gifts as an energy worker in 30-minute complimentary session increments to lessen the trauma, help restore, and strengthen so you can continue to do what you need to do to help the people and the Aina heal. 

Please text me 808-866-4986 or schedule

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