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Note From Holly - May 2021

My passion for helping people started at a young age with a desire to do my part to create heaven on earth. I saw one of the greatest challenges/opportunities to be in the area of leadership. 
Leaders that have a strong sense of authenticity; values; faith and trust in their Higher Power and are doing their personal work to stay in integrity and work on their inner game, are generally better at leading. 
As a mentor for people in every industry, I find fulfillment in being a transformational guide and witness to my client’s leadership journey supporting the core gifts, talents and abilities to be actualized in the world. 
The Associates of Holly Shantara was created for the purpose of creating beautiful alliances with those that have mentored with me for a year or longer and I have vetted to be worthy of referring. I require the mentoring with me so that I know there is alignment and that my associates are able to be self-responsible, self-accountable, and have the ability to self-correct.

I love to support all my associates and am always looking for ways to add more value to their unfolding as leaders, influencers, healers, artists, merchants, and talented entrepreneurs. You don’t need a website as our Associate Support Specialist, Taylor Zipp can help with building your digital and social identity and virtual credibility. 
Our Associates are part of our Mentoring Membership Alliance Program (MMAP). Our soft launch process began as of May 2021.

Our first official associate is Amy Rink.

Welcome, Amy!

Amy is known as a deep empath. She feels beyond where you may be aware. Her skills as a hypnotherapist help you to go within and get your own answers. She specializes in issues of building self-trust, getting unstuck and gaining freedom, finding your passion, and creating your success story. 
Amy and I have known each other for 20+ years and she has been mentored by me for 15 years. I have deep trust for her being and have welcomed her facilitation when I have needed the space held for me on key issues. We traveled to New Zealand to speak at the INSPIRE leadership event.  Amy now works with me in my office in Petaluma.
Through our alliance, Amy has launched her practice and her website and is available to see clients in person, by phone, or Zoom. 

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Amy Rink, CCHT
Heart Space Alchemy

Amy Rink  - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Intuitive Guide

Hi - I’m Amy. I feel you. Skilled as a deep empath, I guide you within so you can connect with the wisdom of your desires, and discover, with peace, power, and play, what makes you come alive!
I specialize in all aspects of collaborative relationships both internally, with different aspects of the self, and with external partnerships.

As an Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Intuitive Witness of Quantum Presence™️, I also enjoy coupling expanded awareness with inner journeying to support those on a healing path to align more fully with their hearts desires. 

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Holly for 20+ years. In that time our connection has traversed from client to mentee to travel partner, colleague, and friend. It is my honor to be associated with her in this work.
I invite you to visit my website for more. I look forward to meeting you. 
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