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Lead From L.O.V.E.

I am a lover by nature. A lover more than a fighter. Yet, I will stand strongly for love and the values that I feel are born of love: compassion, generosity of spirit, understanding, kindness, respect for ALL of life, and forgiveness. I will never give up on love.

I have made a conscious choice to lead from love and it is a work in progress every day, and not without it’s challenges, especially when I am behind a really “bad” driver? Lord, give me the patience to accept the things I cannot change!

Seriously, we all have our challenges as part of the New Humanity to love and lead from our hearts.

I believe in love. Not just romantic love, but spiritual love. To me love is not just a sentiment, but a necessity, like the very air we breathe.

Dione Warwick, the famous singer, wrote a song with the lyrics:

“ What the world needs now is love sweet love, it’s the only thing that there is just too little of…. not just for one, but for everyone.”

Do you believe that we need love, that the world needs love? Where has love been placed as a priority in your life? Is it first, second, last on your list of things to do or experience?

Consider for a moment what would change about this world, if we chose in our collective humanity to lead from love. What would change about your life if you chose to lead from love?

To lead from love means taking your heart with you wherever you go.

Confucius, the Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher said:

“Wherever you go, go with all of your heart.”

ALL of your heart. What does that mean?

Love has gotten a bad rap, but it’s not love that is the problem. I am not talking about the sit-down-in-lotus-style-and-pass-flowers-around kind of love (although that can be cool too.) I am speaking about Love that is found through definition to be an expansive, connecting, colorful, life-infused state that is not at the effect of time or money or health or anything, really. it is unconditional.

When I speak about leading from love, I am talking about L.O.V.E.:





When was the last time you felt this Living, Open, Vital, Energy in your life?

It could have come through a rich, intimate and authentic connection you had with someone. It could have also just come as easily through a connection to a brilliant idea or a moment with nature. It is in the moments that you make the experience. To be in L.O.V.E. you have to be present.

In addition, cultivating love has to be a priority if it is to work and honestly for most people, it is not.

The value in leading from L.O.V.E. is that you get to feel more alive. You get to love what you are doing, who you are with and how you are playing the game of life. But, like I said, it has to be a priority. You have to want it. It has to be a point of focus. There are steps that need to be taken, to dive deeper into what you really love and find what makes you or another tick. This is something I look for in the work I do.:

  • Where is your heart in relationship to what you want?

  • How much do you love what you do, where you live, and who you are with?

  • How much is your heart open to yourself and others?

If you have lost your passion for L.O.V.E., then do the work to get re-stimulated. It takes discipline and developing a new habit. Just like working out when you have been sedentary too long, if you have been apathetic about L.O.V.E. you are going to need to work that muscle to be able to lead from L.O.V.E.

if you want to really feel differently about your life, your business, your relationships and yourself, aim to lead from L.O.V.E.

Walk through that doorway and stay on that path. I encourage you to lead from your heart, to lead from love. To make a stand for love. in every area of your life.

Love is not weak it is living and alive. Sometimes all someone wants is just to feel that they are loved for them to be restored to wellness. Love like nature, is a true healer.

As you live another day, remember the words of Confucius and wherever you go, go with all of your heart.


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