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2020 Hindsight Leads to 2020 Vision

We are headed into #2020. Can you believe where we are? It is like a space-age time warp. The future is here! We have arrived.

Things are accelerating. There is tension, but also opportunity. It is an excellent time to be intentional.

Personally & professionally, 2019 marks 30 years of being in private practice. It is significant, causing me to reflect. There is a shift. The culmination of my life’s work is unfolding. I have a vision for this next year. Do you?

You have an open invitation to let your #2020hindsight lead to your #2020vision! It is time to #LevelUp! Use your LifeStar information that I have encapsulated here for you to create your plan for 2020. Let’s begin by taking a visit to the houses of your #LifeStar.

What are these LifeStar houses?

They are eight areas of your life that you must visit often and pay attention to if you choose to become a wholly functional human.

Give yourself a moment to visit these houses of your life that I list below. How do they feel to you? Are they humming along quite nicely, or do they need some refining?

The houses of your life are pliable, moveable. You can shapeshift them. They are not static. They are representative of your choices and experiences.

A little secret: The “houses” of your LifeStar function together and are not separate, but we visit them separately to gain information and refinement. If you experience separation from any particular house, that is a sign of gaps in your wholeness.

When reflecting on your 2020 hindsight, note how that information can lead to your 2020 vision. What have you learned from the past that is now influencing your decisions for the future?

First to get: you are the LifeStar.

Second: Your LifeStar houses are within and surrounding you every day of your life!

Visualize you standing in a 8 pointed star. Now make that star dimensional and you will standing within a star #tetrahedron. This is your light body. How do you get to yur light body but by the areas of your life you are working on perfecting. In summation the are your:








Environmental worlds

I call them houses because it is easier to open a door and enter a house than it is to enter a world. The advanced LifeStar work has you entering worlds. But, that is a subject for a later time.

Check it out:

  1. Your Spiritual House - What is your vision for this next year that would help to expand your spirit? What have you learned in 2019 that has impacted you and caused a shift or a point of awareness? Are you comfortable with your connection to your higher self? Your superconscious mind? The Divine? Or, is there room for improvement? What steps do you know you could take that would improve or better your next year? Where do you want to be spiritually a year from now? Or, is this even a priority for you?

  2. Your Mental House - Is your mind functioning optimally, or is there interference? Are you online or offline in your thinking? Does your brain need support or exercise like learning meditation or how to discipline your thoughts? Do you need to read a good book or get intellectual stimulation and conversation? Or, is inner listening more of what is required? Are you able to clear your mind? Do you think positively or negatively? What is the mental cleanup you know you need to do to support your goals? How are you thinking, and is it working for you or against you? What do you want your quality of thoughts to be in the coming year? Make a list of things you can do or let go of to help yourself mentally.

  3. Your Emotional House - This is your feeling world. Are you happy? In touch with your anger? Are you experiencing depression? Stuffing your emotions or letting them guide you? Do you have emotional energy in your day? Are you fed emotionally, or are you longing for more? What about emotional intelligence? Are you able to feel your heart, empathize with another, and be compassionate? Are you responsive or reactionary? Shut down or open? Make some notes about what you need to feel emotionally fulfilled in 2020?

  4. Your Physical House - This house is all about the world of stuff and your physical body, manifestations, results, and things. If you want something in your life, put it here. A new car? Upgraded phone, laptop, office? New rug, shoes, travel experience? A gym membership? If you desire to release or gain some weight, eat better, or heal your body in some way, this is the house of action. The actions taken this next year will produce the things you want to achieve. Write your wish list here.

  5. Your Professional House - All things related to work, career, business are part of this house. Do you like where you work and with whom you are working? Is your present role or job title in need of a change? A job or career is usually a massive part of a person’s life and sometimes can eclipse one or more of the other houses. How is it “working” for you? Do you need a shift? If so, how? Are you doing your mission? Are you on purpose with your service in the world? Which phase are you in the Leader, Follower, Learner, Gopher, Parter, Principal, Entrepreneur, or Corporate Influencer? Where are you now and where are you going in your career in 2020? Set some goals for yourself that will make your livelihood alive.

  6. Your Financial House - Money Issues and prosperity possibilities live here. Legacy and financial planning. Budgets and income. Ducks in a row. Your money world is the way you fund your dreams. You may need or want a lot or a little. It is essential to look at healing your wealth relationship. Do you have enough or not enough? Are you empowered or disempowered with it all. Are you able to ask for it, keep it, use it positively, or is there some garbage there that makes it hard to look at closely? In 2020, you are going to want to know your place with your finances. Make notes: What needs to change? What is already working? How do you want to continue or grow in your prosperity purposing?

  7. Your Relationship House - You and others. Living or deceased. Personal, family, professional relationships with people and animals. Are you partnered or want to be? Does something need improving or changing? Or, do you need to relish in what is working, appreciating the dynamics of relationships present in your world. Who are your friends and loved ones? Do you like your co-workers? Who needs to enter, and who needs to exit your inner circle and life? Allowing your relationships to change and evolve to match who you are becoming can be hard or healthy and supportive. Write down the shifts you want to make in your relationships this coming year.

  8. Your Environmental House - Where do you spend most of your time? Inside or outside? It may depend on the weather or your location. Do you like where you live? Are you enjoying where you work? Is there joy in arriving home? Is your home styled and organized functionally? Or, is there clutter and areas where the chi/lifeforce gets stuck? Does your working and living environment support your hobbies and lifestyle? Are you surrounded by what you love? All of this and more is relevant to your state of being. Living, working, and dwelling in an environment that brings you joy, peace, healing makes a difference to your overall constitution and vibrational health. What do you know needs to change in 2020 in your inside and outside environment?

When you enter through the portal of your being, you can find richness within.

You are at the center of your LifeStar. It is you that leads from within whether you are aware of doing so or not. Your connection to your Source will determine how meaningful this becomes to you.

Just a further note: When I speak about “ the leader within," the invitation is there to go in… to your imagination, intuition, instincts, intelligence. In this way, you will become aware of the inner leader, where you are not so much subjected to your life but are creating it as you go.

Through your LifeStar I invite you to create your most magnificent and authentic, 2020.

Happy New!

For a deeper dive into your LifeStar Coaching®️ success plan, book an appointment and look to the Live Like a LifeStar book and companion journal found in the Success Store at


© Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved. Holly Shantara - Divining the Divine®️ On The Go Guidance & LifeStar Coaching®️ For The New Human Leader

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