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Transforming Your Shadow Mind

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Let’s pause a moment to be grateful. Start with the attitude of being appreciative of what you have.

Remember, the "haves" and "have nots?" To which club do you belong?

The Master Teacher Yeshua said, “those that have more shall be given too, but those that have not, more shall be taken away.”
The Buddha said, “The mind of it’s own self can make a hell out of heaven and a heaven out of hell.”

Powerfully they were saying, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

It is crazy the mind and how it works or doesn’t. Listening to that still small voice of clarity can be hard to hear through the cacophony of constant chatter.

The anti-life also influences:

The devil whispered in my ear, ‘you are not strong enough to withstand the storm.’ To which I replied, ‘6-feet back!”

Honestly, what is between your ears is the most dynamic bio-computer you have. If it is junky with negative, judgmental, and have-not thoughts, you are going to be battling yourself.

Is it time to visit your shadow and bring in some divine light? Transforming Shadow Mind means shadows and light.

A shadow mind embodied was Adolf Hitler. Quoted as saying,” thank god for the governments that the people don’t think.” Are you watching your thoughts?

Watch your thoughts daily; observe how your thinking is connected to your higher self or just at the effect of everything?

Be intentional with your mind. Now is the time.

Transformation: Shadows into LIGHT.

Dipping into the cocoon to see what you left behind is not always pretty. It can be downright ugly. To face your shadow self, you do not recognize yet that you are a butterfly. To see the goo, the dross of what was once an identifiable caterpillar and realize you cannot go back is frightening.

Your shadow does not recognize your light.

You may not be self-identifying with your wings yet or content with the fact that you are not grounded in your old place anymore.

You may be feeling like you are stuck in that cocoon surrounded by a goo mess and not a clue on how to proceed.

Or, you may be panicking to get the heavens out of there and fly the cocoon.

Take a breath.

It is ok.

Just breathe.

All of it is part of the journey of transformation.

Current themes playing out in the collective:

  • Moving too fast and getting injured - Not quite detached from cocoon yet but saying “I got to get out” and ripping a wing in the process

  • Being exhausted but feeling the need to be productive - Taken a lot of work to grow those wings, and now you want to use them

  • Butting heads in relationships - caterpillars not mixing well with butterfly’s and visa-versa

  • Feeling like the past is not working and getting glimpses of the new but not quite there yet

Take heart. Wherever you are in the process is ok. Bringing a certain amount of mindfulness to shadow work is a helpful thing to do right now.

Here are some leading questions that will help you dig a little deeper and check your belief systems, so you can find your power to propel those wings:

  • Am I worthy of my dreams coming true?

  • What part of my identity is stuck in the past?

  • What do I believe is true that being honest is no longer valid for me?

  • Where am I hindering myself from moving forward?

  • What are my relationships mirroring to me about my beliefs in myself?

By paying attention to your inner landscape and clearing out the negativity, you can make critical decisions on how you choose to move forward intentionally, positively, and progressively in the world of form.

Leadership mastery is navigated best from your inner alignment and authenticity.

When the Divine and your bottom line guide you, you can truly get your wings with no impediments or outdated beliefs. Life takes on a magical quality congruent with your dreams and visions, and your actions become intentional and mindful.

Overcoming shadow mind is self-empowerment at it’s finest.

Add it to your list of haves.

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