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 Holly Shantara celebrated her 30 year business anniversary in 2019

See how her LifeStar Coaching services help her clients transform their lives and businesses. 


Gita Hamman



"Holly is the most gifted person I know! She has the ability to understand everything going on within me without me mentioning a word. I have been fortunate enough to have been working with Holly for over 3 years now and I can't imagine not having her in my life. She has a gifted way of communicating and expressing what's truly going on and constantly opens my eyes to any situation. I highly recommend and encourage anyone to have a session with Holly, You will be blown away by her accuracy and insight. She is the real deal! ”


A. Coleman

VP of Global Expansion & Partnerships



"A friend introduced me to Holly over 7 years ago and she has been a strong witness and advocate for me since then. Holly has been a constant coach and advocate as I navigated major professional and personal transitions which have led to significant breakthroughs in all areas.  Her diverse skillset challenges me to face my fears and raise my game. Holly expects to see rapid-fire long-term results in her partnership. Holly has consistently illuminated the way for me to thrive and live a passionate authentic life on my terms."


Beth G

Business Development/Marketing  Strategist


"While we were on the call, I had two rather large potential contracts reach out to me—one that I had been waiting on that I had all but given up on, and another one literally out of the blue.  I clearly see that they were energetically drawn to the changes as one had actually reached out to me previously and the email had not been able to go through which never happens… so just wanted to share some validations with you.
Thank you again. I will look forward to our next session."


Will Gordon

Entrepreneur, Hope Heals


"If I could use one word to describe the past year+ working with Holly it would be hope. Regaining the hope I had lost for my life. Developing hope for a better future. On this healing journey, I have used and continue to use many modalities that work cohesively to achieve my goals for better mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. However, no other person that I have found so far is as dedicated, capable, caring and effective as Holly. She was the one who reached down into the well and pulled me out. Without judgment, and with continued encouragement, she is steadfast in her mission to help people. If you are reading this review to see if Holly is the right fit for you, I can honestly say in all my years I have found no one better. I could describe every little thing that makes her wonderful and unique, but I hope you will give her a chance and find out for yourself. I am eternally grateful for how she has impacted my life. Thank you so very much, Holly. I look forward to continuing to work with you."


Christina O

Clean Living Entrepreneur - Maui, HI



I have so much appreciation and gratitude for Holly shining her loving light to help illuminate the areas of my life that were in need of deep healing, as I was struggling to find peaceful resolve on my own. I would highly recommend anyone who has struggled with loss, fear, depression, anxiety, feelings of unworthiness, childhood trauma, abuse, PTSD, and/or a serious lack of self-love, to connect with Holly. She is empathic, insightful, spiritually-knowledgeable, gifted, patient, completely aligned with the divine, and probably the most profoundly powerful being I’ve ever met! Working with her over the last year and a half has truly helped to address deep wounds, evolve my soul, remind me of who I am, clarify what I am capable of and why I am here on earth. With her guidance and wisdom, I was able to take a huge leap of faith to start-up a business that is in authentic alignment with my passions... something I never imagined she would even be helping me with when I first connected with her! I have referred many friends and acquaintances to Holly to assist in the areas of their life where they were struggling to find peace, solace, meaning and/or clarity. If you are contemplating a session with Holly - do not hesitate! Your life will be transformed in the absolute best way possible.  I am overflowing in gratitude for all of the tools she has helped to equip me with. The journey is always ours to take, but having such an intuitive, powerful, and experienced guide to help navigate, truly makes all the difference.

Her positive impact on my life has been priceless."


H. Kessinger

 Film Producer, Director



"I have spent a lifetime pushing to the next degree, the next job, next big project, even home and family fell into this way of being. I am so thankful that I have caught myself and begun this work. While I have been searching to understand a greater truth to all of our stories - to my story - I have never been drawn to work with therapists of any kind. Holly is different. She is at once insightful and helpful in her guidance of one's practical life if that is what you need from her. But she is also a shaman, a healer, intuitive, an oracle.

If you are ready to step off the cliff with her she will hold you and guide you in the most beautiful way. Thank you Holly."

Elisa Brennan, M.S. CCC-SLP

Nationally Certified Speech-Language Pathologist


"Holly Shantara gave me the conscious experience of my ‘authentic, sovereign self’; sure, unedited, spontaneous, and stable for the first time in many, many years. She provided me with tools that were custom fit to reflect my life view and circumstances and which allowed me to reconnect to that authentic self at will. And by using our recorded audio sessions, I have been able to construct my own personalized healing manual. Holly Shantara is helped me to apply that authenticity to creative expression in my work.

She’s been the answer to a life-long search and I am forever grateful for having first heard her voice on blog radio years ago."

Thank you again. I will look forward to our next session."

Ellen Walker

Executive Producer, Speaker and Talent


"Working with Holly has been a life changing experience for me. When I first began my work with Holly for coaching with relationship issues as I went through a mid-life unraveling, I didn’t realize that it would affect all areas of my life. I did not realize that the patterns of my behavior that affected my personal life were the exact same patterns that affected my professional life. As I explored and committed to working with Holly, I was given the gift of improving all aspects of my life!


Today, I am embarking on a new part of my life and I am so excited! I am truly happy with a balanced feeling of peace and calm and a solid feeling of where I should be. All of my relationships, both personally and professionally, have grown in such a profound way – it is overwhelming. I would not be the person I am today without Holly’s amazing insight, support, encouragement, and belief in me! Thank you, Thank you Holly!"


L Harris 

Marketing Mom


"There is something with the frequencies - they always increase and shifts happen when we work together.” 


Carrie Parks

Corportate Leadership

Technical Solutions Sales Director

"I seriously would not have made it this past year without Holly's personal & professional guidance and leadership mentoring.

So grateful for her!"

Johnna Harrison

Real Estate Sales



“Working with Holly is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Forever grateful.”

Carolyn Carpeneti

Founder/CEO CoPilot Systems


"I was introduced to Holly through a friend who told me 'Holly’s the real deal'.  Of course I was intrigued, so I scheduled a few sessions.  Her intuition and spiritual guidance impressed me immediately.  She immediately helped me see through some foggy areas of my life.  But most recently, I had a session with Holly that I would consider life changing. (Due to restrictions imposed by the FDA to not diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe, the content of the exact experience will not be posted here.) 

She dove right into the heart of the matter and quickly gave me … tools to use … to continue to heal myself.  I used those tools for two weeks and when I went back into the doctors office to get further tests, they couldn’t find any abnormal cells.  They even extracted some cells and sent them out for more intensive testing and even those results came back normal.  I am forever grateful…not only in her ability… but in her ability to give me guidance and tools to heal myself.  Thank you, Holly.  You are 'the real deal'."

Juan Carlos Fernandez

Architect, Partner - Signum Architecture



"'The Dolphin within Man', a personal belief that Holly helped me to take to deepest levels of my life. With this belief, Holly guided me through a successful and higher path of my personal and professional life. It provided me the strength and humility to excel as a husband, father, son and brother to my family, as a person to my friends and as an architect to my clients. It inspired me to encourage other people around me to find their personal “Holly” if they want to advance further in life. And for that and more I will always thank her."

Alyssa S.

Finance Manager


"Working with Holly for the past few years has been instrumental in helping me become more free from my past so I can live more fully in the present. Lifetime friends have noticed the change in me. Holly has many tools at her disposal and also has the wisdom to know what will be effective for me in that moment. Holly has been an invaluable support and mentor for me.”

Laurie O’Hara

Working Solutions Business Development



"Holly Shantara’s coaching has taught me to release partial commitments and focus on full commitments that will move me and my business forward. She has taught me to receive and allow abundance in. Her objective evaluation of my various business projects has helped me make some tough, but important decisions."


Chalita Photikoe, L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist



" After our first session, I felt like I was literally walking on a new planet with a new body, and a new attitude.  The immense joy and lightness I experienced after that first session was only the beginning. Since then we’ worked to clear old patterns and design the life I wanted.  She is an intuitive, a healer, a shaman, a family/relationship therapist, a business coach—she does it all!  Her skill set is light years beyond anyone or anything I’ve ever met.  She even helped me to call in my son while I was trying to get pregnant.  It is impossible for me to list all the gifts she has given me.  I am living a life full of purpose, joy and abundance and I wish that for you.  She changed my life!"

Thomas Chesus 

Sadhu ~ Lakota Tribe Circle member ~ Life & Love Enthusiast ~ Cyclist ~ Sailor ~ Business Owner



“ I have had the direct experience of what I refer to as receiving ‘Good Medicine’ in my work and sessions with Holly wherein I experience and receive high quality, meaningful medicine~wisdom~insight~revelation~guidance during, and particularly ‘after’ my sessions.  These sessions are truly a most helpful and significant contribution to my healing and Awakening. With genuine gratitude to you, Holly ~ Mahalo Nui Loa “


Marigold A.




"I’ve worked with Holly on and off for years.  I was going through some major life changes back in 2016.  I was always skeptical of personal life coaches but Holly is so much more than that.  She brings a lot to the table in terms of wisdom, patience and empathic guidance that takes coaching to a new level.  Her occasional dispensing of tough love when I was ready to give up on finding a romantic partner kept me going.  In 2018 on vacation at Christmas in Hawaii, I met my soulmate in Waikiki.  We are now engaged and he was worth the wait! Holly is honest, caring and has tremendous integrity.  More importantly, she ‘walks the talk’ in her own personal life which makes her guidance even more genuine. I wouldn't have gotten this far without her caring guidance, wisdom, and tough love support!:) I am trusting my intuition more and more.

I love the Holly Shantara Queen-In-Training School of Awesomeness!!"


Jenn W.

Tech Account Executive



“I feel like the elephant that was sitting on my chest is gone. I feel like I can breathe.

You're a miracle, Holly and I am so grateful that I am able to work with you.”


Rikki Aldrige

Owner, Birch Circle Moving



Holly Shantara has literally transformed my life. Just like the slogan says. We meet once a week to discuss all aspects of Life, Love, and Work. The tools she provides are critical in the way I now deal with all interactions in my life. My personal growth has been monumental, which in turn translates to the success I am seeing every day in my business, in my family life, and most importantly my relationship with myself. Powerful Stuff!


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"I cannot thank you enough. I didn't even realize how much suffering there was, until there was none." -

Ami L. - Massage Therapist


"I have worked with Holly on several occasions throughout the years, on both an individual basis 
and with various members of my family of origin. She was over the top for the following reasons:

~ She is an excellent listener. She hears what the issues are and then gets right to the point.

~ She comes from a spiritual place and always goes to the higher place of healing.

~ She is sensitive and kind, yet does not allow one to get intangled in the "past story"-- but moves them to the place of where do you want to go in the present!

~ She is able to shift ones way of looking at old family issues and brings them to a place of
present clarity and peace. I find her to be one of the best therapists I have ever worked with!  I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

J.L.M. - Professional Organizer/Life Coach



"Working with Holly Shantara has had a significant impact in my life. Her natural Intuitive gifts and guidance have assisted me in aligning with my own Intuitive gifts, allowing me to release old "records" that have created new pathways of thinking and feeling and intuiting. As a result I am an even more clear channel, authentic, and balanced human being."


Joyce Arnowitz - Intuitive Healer



"I have worked with Holly for over 14 years and she has brought me to a new level of awareness each time I work with her. She has encouraged, comforted, and humored me along this journey and my life is richer because of her." 


Sandra S., R.N. - Healthcare Manager


" True soul work. As we connected to the issue of Mom's passing, I was finally able to be at peace."


T.F. - Psychologist



"I began working with Holly Shantara in 2005 after a friend of mine referred me to her. My relatively young marriage was on the brink of collapse and I was feeling like every decision I'd ever made in my life had been a mistake. I knew immediately from that very first session that landing in Holly's office was the universe answering my pleas for help. Holly saw that I was ready to jump in and do the dirty work of scouring the plaque from my soul, and we wasted no time in clearing and healing, answering and releasing. After only a few weeks, my husband (who had 'til then refused to go to any counseling with me) saw the changes permeating through me and he started seeing Holly on his own. Though we never did any work with her as a couple, her loving support and pointed direction guided us through that dark time, and we just past our seventh wedding anniversary, and the quality of our relationship is all the deeper by virtue of our respective work with her. Since then, though our life took us to a new place to live, I've continued to work with Holly by phone, consulting her a few times a year, whether it be to guide me through a challenge or help me make a pivotal decision. But the best thing I've gotten out of working with Holly isn't the answers she's provided me; it's that she's taught me the skills to increasingly be able to answer those questions myself. More than ever I understand what it means to be the creator of my life, rather than simply feeling at the effect of circumstances thrusting themselves upon me. Holly's presence in my life has been nothing less than having a spirit guide in physical form." 


J.Baxa - Wife & Mother

Pat Newman

Executive Coach, Your Partner in Change & Ecstasis Consulting, LLC


"I am enormously grateful for Holly’s guidance.  She helps me stay current with myself in a way that keeps me connected to my purpose and passion. She is extraordinarily gifted at tuning into what is stirring inside of me and helping me to take the next big steps forward on my unique path. In this world that offers so many potential distractions and sources of advice, she helps me focus on what counts for me.

She listens so deeply that I can hear myself through her.

What a gift!"

Mary Gordon, CCHT 

Energy Reader & Alchemical Hypnotherapist



"" I was referred to Holly Shantara 15 years ago while I was in a tremendous, painful, devastating stall in my life. On the first day, Holly connected with the Universe and then proceeded to nail, in a mere sentence, an issue that I had dwelling in my mind for months. My eyes and ears opened up. I knew I was dealing with the "real thing" when it came to her gifts. And as I have told her directly, while I came to her with all my issues and push-back, not once did she say anything that wasn't empowering and comforting. Empowering is a key word. Holly's direction is empowering. " 


Dr. Mark A Walker

Family Physician


“Through my coaching work with Holly Shantara my profession has begun to take the path of my own design. I am learning how much control I really have of my own life.

My life has improved dramatically since we started working together.”

Chef Keith Darling

Chief Food Idea Guy And Host Of Television Cooking Show Series at Dining with Darling Inc/DWD Media


"Holly’s gifted and trusted intuitive guidance in both soul and business coaching continuous to provide a clear and visionary path for the creation of my own LifeStar!"

Barb Hammer

President & Founder, ProduceMomentum


"Holly has help me to step forward on to a bigger life stage with courage, compassion and grace. Through our time together, I am better able to live my life's purpose and do the work I was meant to"