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Get Divine Direction For Success

Whether you are working on your life, leadership, or legacy, investing in a day with Holly Shantara is going to bring a combo plate of logic and magic, clarity and healing, and Divine empowerment into your world.

Your VIP Day will be unique because it is custom-designed with you in mind. The work with Holly Shantara is never “cookie-cutter” and always involves bringing who you truly are to a meeting with the Divine.

VIP Day Option #1

For Your Professional Life Focus
Custom Designed Personal Day With Holly Shantara

Whether you desire clarity of purpose, to grow your company, attract the right opportunities, or increase your bottom line, you will come away from your Divine Biz VIP Day with life-changing insights, tools, and powerful guidelines to create your blueprint for success. Here are some sample *topics and focus points:

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VIP Day Option #2

For Your Personal Life Focus
Custom Designed Personal Day With Holly Shantara

Success and fulfillment are what every human being desires. And, life can get in the way. Creating your personal VIP Day is here to help you achieve your next steps. Here are some *topics to prompt you into co-creating with Holly Shantara your best Divine Life VIP Day!

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Want both options? 
Let's build your custom-designed VIP Day Success Blueprint
Barb Hammer
Business Strategist & Coach Produce Momentum

Through my 3-1/2 years of business building, I’ve come to more fully recognize the symbiotic and synergistic relationship between being and doing, heart and head, ideating and grounding. Try as I might, I had not been able to guide myself past some internal obstacles to significantly ground and materialize my heart’s desire, my spirit’s vision. I had no blueprint to follow structurally and a crisis of confidence about my own readiness and ability. Moreover, years of playing it safe had established some very ingrained mindsets and ways of being.


Then along came Holly and her VIP Day.


At VIP’s conclusion, the word that keeps coming up for me is freedom. I am free to move forward and into action. In fact, the action that was overshadowed by doubt or fear now feels compelling. Standing for who I am and what I believe, speaking publicly and having heart-based business conversations, allowing the work I do to evolve and emerge - it has now come to feel organic, natural, easy.


I heard my calling. I knew it to be true. I trusted the process. I just needed another blessed being to help guide us both forward. And, for me that blessed being was Holly.

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