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Meet Holly Shantara: 

Holly Shantara, MIM, CHT, is a gifted energy worker, professional dowser, skilled life and business coach, experienced intuitive facilitator, and leadership mentor who helps her clients upgrade their lives and businesses.


Holly is highly regarded for her ability to laser in and get to the heart of the matter. She specializes in personal and professional growth success through decisions and transitions by transforming patterns.


She has built a mostly referral-based business of legacy clients for the last 35 years because of her discernment and integrity. Her clients range from entrepreneurs and small business owners to clients seeking healing for families, land, and environmental space clearing to executives across various industries, including Microsoft, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Oracle, and the Arts and Entertainment sectors who need leadership mentoring.


Holly is a Toastmaster and inspirational speaker reaching audiences worldwide. Apart from her coaching, mentoring, and speaking expertise, Holly is a published author of "Live Like A LifeStar" and the LifeStar Companion Journal, along with several uplifting instructional media products.  


Scroll down to discover more about Holly's experience, soul story, company vision, mission, and message. Or, click the link to begin your journey.

Holly's Story

Growing up in San Francisco, California, and traveling the world gave me a deep appreciation for individuals from all walks of life!


As a perceptive, empathetic child with a unique perspective, I never quite fit into the conventional mold. I discovered unseen realms and intricate patterns in everyday scenes and throughout nature. At the age of 14, a spiritual vision set me on an extraordinary path of guiding others toward their inner light - what I like to call "the Leader Within." It took years of life experience and personal and professional growth to transform these patterns into effective skills that maximize client success. The result is my proprietary LifeStar Coaching® leadership solutions and Soul Signature Success systems.


When I'm not guiding my clients, you can find me traveling or cherishing quality time with my family. I'm a proud mother and grandmother, an enthusiastic journalist, a nature and book lover, a creative artist, a devoted daily meditator, and avid dowser.


Thank you for listening to a part of my story. I would be honored to be your guide as you embark on your personal and professional journey of leadership and transformation.


I am looking forward to connecting!


See you on the IN side,


Holly Shantara




Years in Business


Client Sessions


Since Awakening

Certifications & Trainings

  • Certified Coach - John Maxwell Team of Leadership Experts, Coaches, Mentors, Teachers, and Speakers

  • Masters Certification - Academy of Intuitive Studies and Intuition Medicine®️

  • Certified Classical Feng Shui Practitioner - Golden Gate School of Feng Shui

  • Certified Master Hypnotherapist -  Alchemy Institute of Healing Arts

  • Member - Association for Transpersonal Psychology (ATP)

  • Founding Member - International Association for Coaches (IAC)

  • Member & Officer - Toastmasters International

  • Member & Professional Dowser - American Society of Dowsers

  • Member - Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

  • Member - Institute of Noetic Sciences, California IONS

  • Certified Therapeutic Bodyworker - Diamond Light School of Healing Arts

  • 40 years of practice in the Healing Arts with various training

  • 35 years of business, tech, leadership, & and professional courses

  • 20K client sessions 

  • Public Minister license

  • Non-Denominational Ministry Credentials - Universal Life Church Seminary to perform weddings, end-of-life transitions, and other rites of passage​

Image by Silvestri Matteo


Holly Shantara's vision is to help usher in a new heaven and earth by cultivating a new era of leadership that births a world where humanity flourishes. To strive to inspire the production and growth of individuals whose sensitivity serves as their superpower, stewards with integrity and purpose who work energetically towards advancing "green" and conscious industries, creating enduring resonant and harmonious legacies for future generations around the globe. 


Holly Shantara has an unwavering mission to add value and shape tomorrow's leaders. Her proprietary LifeStar Coaching®️ work cultivates stellar stewards, cultural creatives, and highly sensitive persons determined to add benefit, meaning, and value to corporations who see a future in beneficial cooperative alliances.


Holly Shantara's message is simple: Your true self is within reach, regardless of a person's background or experience.

From truth and integrity, anything is possible and is found by accessing the leader within you.

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