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Holly Shantara 


Creating space while changing lives is all for the good of the flow, the growth of the soul, and the evolution of the whole.

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The Story

You probably have a story - how you started on your path in life. Mine consciously began at the age of 14 in a mirror reflection -  a life-changing vision - that was a pivotal turning point shaping who I am and the work I do.


Where most people have their wake-up call at midlife, I had mine as a teen and began consciously following my spiritual calling. At midlife now, I am finally able to ground it all - a life's work of puzzle pieces coming together into the Divine Pattern. ( I also seem to understand what young people go through to develop themselves and have great success guiding youth leadership.)


I have experienced many intense spiritual initiations and tests in my lifetimes, in order to be found worthy of staying in discernment and integrity with the gifts of the Divine. I can proudly acknowledge that I have taken this life in dedication to developing my calling to serve humanity in the ways I was destined to do so. Using my finely tuned senses and ability to see beyond the veils into the non-physical, I can confidently say I AM able to clear away the blocks to success.


I was born in San Francisco, Ca. and have traveled, learned, facilitated, and lived in some of the most beautiful places in the world. I am proud to be a native San Franciscan. It has given me an innovative acceptance and understanding of the uniqueness of people, nationalities, genders, and religions from all walks of life. 


I hope we are able to meet and when we do I would love to share more of my connection. 

With heart,

Holly Shantara

My daughter and granddaughter. 💞

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The Vision

We aim to find possibilities, potential, purpose, passion & prosperity where it appears there is none.

The Mission

We get to the heart of the matter achieving beneficial results by providing high-level service value to our clientelle.

The Message

We reveal through discernment & integrity that true leadership comes from within and anything is possible.