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The New Human Leader




"Level Up Your Life, Leadership & Legacy"



Holly Shantara
Divining The Divine™
Holly Shantara, MIM, CHT, is a Certified Life & Business Coach, Teacher, Mentor, Speaker & On-The-Go Guide specializing in Life, Leadership & Legacy building.
Holly is in the business of personal growth, transformation and entrepreneurship, developing her own LifeStar Coaching®️ services. 
Her background includes training, education, and certification with the John Maxwell Team of Leadership Experts, Coaches, Mentors, Teachers, and Speakers.; Academy of Intuition Medicine Ⓡ  Master Certification; Golden Gate School of Feng Shui Practitioner Certification; Alchemy Institute of Healing Arts Hypnotherapy Certification; Professional Dowser Training; and Public Minister credentials #HAS14404 licensed to perform ceremonies + more.
Her gifts of intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, empathic abilities, and energy work have helped many to heal their lives, lead from their heart, and fulfill their dreams from the inside out. 
Holly spends her time between the San Francisco Bay Area and Maui, Hawaii where she served as President of Kapalua Toastmasters, She sees clients in person as well as on-site, by phone & video conferencing for national & International clientele. 
Her passions include her love of God, nature, travel, her role as a mother and grandmother, aunt and sister, mentor and teacher, her involvement in writing, youth guidance, meditation, learning & teaching, health & wellness and being of value to her friends, family, and community.
Holly is the author of the 
"Live Like A Life Star," book and the "LifeStar Companion Journal" and is working on her next book, an autobiographical message.
Her joy is in "Divining the Divine™️"  

Holly Shantara Farrow Consulting

On-The-Go Guidance For Life & Business Leaders



I am glad you are here. 


You are here for a reason. Not just here on this site, but, on the planet. Thank you for coming!


I have been told by my referrals, more than I can count, "I can't explain what it is Holly Shantara does, I just tell them to go see you!" The next thing they say is " You hit the nail on the head." It means, and I say this most humbly, I get to the heart of the matter.


I see possibilities, potential, and purpose where it appears there are none. 


I have spent most of my life developing a language for the intangible, the unseen, the invisible to help my clients adjust to life on planet earth and evolve in the process.  I deeply care about humanity and am guided to guide.


I am an emissary of the Divine and have spent years developing a specialized and intuitive skill set combined with practical down-to-earth knowledge that helps my clients achieve their personal and professional goals.  As an experienced business entrepreneur, highly trained coach, mentor, speaker, and guide, it is my passion to help individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders name their ideas and bring them to life.


I use my gifts and training to help each person become whom they are meant to be and fulfill their soul purpose as part of The New Human family - learning to use their gifts to do good in the world.


Bottom line. I work for the Divine.  


And, I work for you. You show me what you need, both consciously and through the language of your energy field, and I use my knowledge and intuition to help you achieve your goals, fulfill your dreams and live up to your life and business leadership potential.


I have been Divinely commissioned to help my clients "Align with the Divine" and create life and business from their most authentic selves. It is my joy to "Teach to Reach," to move energy, and to help others to "DEVELOP THE LEADER WITHIN."


My Story:


Everyone I know has a story - how they got on their path. Mine happened at the age of 14 with a life-changing vision that was a pivotal, turning point that shaped my life and the work I do.


Where most people have their wake-up call at midlife, I had mine at 14 and began literally following my conscious spiritual path at that time.


Another point came at 18 when I made 3 commitments to the Divine that put in motion a series of intense spiritual initiations and deepened my need to serve humanity. 


I was born in San Francisco, Ca. I have traveled and lived in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Being a native San Franciscan has given me an innovative acceptance and understanding of the uniqueness of people, from all walks of life. 


I am happy to share more. But honestly, you will learn who I am and what I do by experiencing this work. Contact me for your complimentary consultation.


Thank you for visiting!