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Holly Shantara 


My passion is to help clients bring their visions to life so they can make a difference in the lives of others. Share with me your dream or seed of your million-dollar idea and I will help it grow. I transform lives and businesses for the evolution of the whole. Success begins within. 

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The Story

You probably have a story - how you started on your path in life. Mine consciously began at the age of 14 in a mirror reflection -  a life-changing vision - that was a pivotal turning point shaping who I am and the work I do.


Where most people have their wake-up call at midlife, I had mine as a teen and began consciously following my spiritual calling. At midlife now, I am finally able to ground it all - a life's work of puzzle pieces coming together into the Divine Pattern. ( I also seem to understand what young people go through to develop themselves and have great success guiding youth leadership.)


I have experienced many intense spiritual initiations and tests in my lifetimes, in order to be found worthy of staying in discernment and integrity with the gifts of the Divine. I can proudly acknowledge that I have taken this life in dedication to developing my calling to serve humanity in the ways I was destined to do so. Using my finely tuned senses and ability to see beyond the veils into the non-physical, I can confidently say I AM able to clear away the blocks to success.


I was born in San Francisco, Ca. and have traveled, learned, facilitated, and lived in some of the most beautiful places in the world. I am proud to be a native San Franciscan. It has given me an innovative acceptance and understanding of the uniqueness of people, nationalities, genders, and religions from all walks of life. It is probably the reason I travel so much and split my time between my California and Hawaii locations.

Family is important to me and as of 2022, I am a grandmother twice over. It is a shift that has deepened even more my love of natural wisdom, care for our environment and the calling to support good leadership in the world. 


I hope we are able to meet someday in person.

With heart,

Holly Shantara


My daughter and granddaughters. 💞

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The Vision

Aim to find possibilities where it appears there are none.

The Mission

Get to the heart of the matter and achieve beneficial results

providing high-level service value to clientele.

The Message

Reveal through discernment & integrity that true leadership comes from within

and anything is possible.


 Holly Shantara - Multidimensional Life, Business and Soul Coach

Holly Shantara, MIM, CHT, specializes in transforming people and businesses. 


Holly started her business in 1989 as a The Soul Coach with her business Soul Center Dynamics. For over 30 years, Holly has conducted thousands of sessions helping her clients gain clarity, fulfill their dreams and transform their lives. As a professional entrepreneur and consultant in the business of personal & professional development, Holly has gained a reputation for her discernment,  integrity, and value found in her LifeStar Coaching®️ services. 


Including varied training & education, Holly Shantara holds professional certifications with the John Maxwell Team of Leadership Experts, Coaches, Mentors, Teachers, and Speakers: Academy of Intuitive Studies and Intuition Medicine®️; Golden Gate School of Feng Shui; Alchemy Institute of Healing Arts; Hypnotherapy; Professional Dowser credentials; and a Public Minister license #HAS14404.


From an early age, the Holy Spirit began guiding Holly with spiritual gifts of intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and empathic abilities. She does not ever like to call herself a psychic but prefers to say she is divinely guided giving all credit and glory to the Divine (who is known by many names) for guiding, blessing, and bringing her through all lessons that would be able to help her serve humanity in any portion He gives to her.


Holly Shantara has helped many to heal their lives, lead from their heart, and fulfill their dreams from the inside out. She takes credit for doing the work to get out of her own but is in humble awe of the power of the Divine Source to work through her. 


Living between the San Francisco Bay Area and Maui, Hawaii where she served in her Toastmasters Club for four years, Holly is a born traveler and has lived and visited some of the most beautiful places in the world.


Her passions include religious/spiritual studies and research, communing with nature, travel to sacred sites, daily scribing and meditation, and being of value to her friends, family, clients, and community.


Holly is the author of the "Live Like A LifeStar," book and the "LifeStar Companion Journal" working on her next book, an autobiographical message.


Her joy is in Divining the Divine®️ and doing her part in service to the Divine Plan. 

Holly sees clients and conducts group sessions in person, on-site, by phone & video conferencing for national & International clientele. 



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