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Holly Shantara


For over 30 years, Holly has conducted thousands of sessions helping her clients gain clarity, fulfill their dreams, and transform their lives. As a professional entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, mentor, and coach in the business of personal & professional leadership development, Holly has gained a reputation for her discernment, integrity, and values found in her LifeStar Coaching®️ services. Holly sees clients and conducts group sessions in person, on-site, by phone & video conferencing for national & International clientele." Scroll down for Holly's experience, soul story, and company vision, mission, and message. 


Holly Shantara, MIM, CHT, specializes in transforming lives and businesses and is an 

expert in Intuitive Leadership 


For over 30 years, Holly Shantara has provided unique transformational services guiding her clients toward solutions to reach their highest potential, gain clarity, fulfill their dreams, and transform their lives. As the original Soul Coach and professional entrepreneur, Holly specializes in personal & professional development and has gained a reputation for her discernment and integrity solutions found in her LifeStar Coaching®️ services. 


Including varied training & education, Holly Shantara holds professional credentials:

Certified Coach - John Maxwell Team of Leadership Experts, Coaches, Mentors, Teachers, and Speakers

Member & Officer - Toastmasters International

Member - Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Masters Intuition Medicine - Academy of Intuitive Studies and Intuition Medicine®️

Classical Feng Shui Practitioner - Golden Gate School of Feng Shui

Certified Hypnotherapist -  Alchemy Institute of Healing Arts

Certified Therapeutic Bodyworker - Diamond Light School of Healing Arts

Professional Dowser credentials and member - American Society of Dowsers

Public Minister license #HAS14404

Ministry Credentials - Universal Life Church Seminary

Member - Association for Transpersonal Psychology (ATP)

Founding Member - International Association for Coaches (IAC)

Holly also has a personal love for the performing arts and 45 years of studies in the Healing Arts

Professional coaching and mentoring through John Assaraff; Sage Levine; John C Maxwell; Kendall Summerhawk; Lisa Sasavetch; Suzanne Evans; Ali Brown; Nassim Harramein; Gregg Braden, Toni Robbins, and more. 


Professional learning aside, Holly is gifted in the Spirit. She is highly intuitive, a seer, and an empath.   She takes credit for doing the hard work to get out of her way, but the rest, she says, is in the power of the Divine working through her. 

Holly is the author of the book "Live Like A LifeStar," and the "LifeStar Companion Journal " and is working on her next book, an autobiographical message for the New Human Leader. She is an experienced teacher and an inspirational and motivational speaker.


Holly sees clients for her national & International clientele and conducts group sessions in person, on-site, by phone & video conferencing.



My Soul Story

If you reflect on your life, there is probably one or more "touchstone" events that have directly influenced you and perhaps led to a life calling.


My calling came at 14 with a life-changing vision that was a pivotal turning point in shaping my life and work.


Where most people have their wake-up call at midlife, I had mine as a teen, which became a significant turning point for consciously following and guiding others to the Light of the Leader Within.


I was a very empathetic, intuitive child, born to a very talented artist and actress mother from the Midwest and an upstanding, raised-in-faith businessman father from the East Coast, in the 1960s, in San Francisco, CA.

You might have labeled me right-brain oriented. I holistically saw the world. I had sensitivity beyond others. I knew what I knew but could not explain what I knew. I did not have the words. It has taken me a lifetime to develop a language for the unseen; this is where I excel in attuning and translating to others what they cannot describe in words. 

I see this blueprint, this Divine Pattern, in all of life, including my clients, and use this witnessing for my clients to bring their gifts to light for their life and business.


I do not judge people's paths, religions, issues, and identities. That is not my job. My job is to guide. 


Once a vision or a near-death experience occurs, it's challenging to explain to the world. You can't unsee what you have seen or unknow what you know, even if it defies others' sense of what is possible. It is the reason people feel safe telling me their "crazy" or unbelievable stories. Because I understand what it is like to experience what "normal" people may not account for as real. Nothing surprises me. I have probably been through some versions of the stories my clients feel safe sharing, which are often the impetus to strive for something greater. 

Ironically, though I am a Soul Intuitive, I am also very tech savvy and have a strong sense and skill set for business. I have had many mentors in business and have a practicality to grounding all this non-physical, emotional and spiritual intelligence. My father was a corporate VP of Advertising, breaking off to be in charge of his own time as an entrepreneur. He never went back to corporate except to be a consultant. He influenced my love of business and my desire for entrepreneurship which also guided me to want to help my clients transition from their corporate jobs to their independent business ideas or climb the corporate ladder in leadership. My first entrepreneurial business at 18 years of age was called "Holly's Help," which evolved into my second company in my early twenties, "Entrepreneurial Enterprises." 

I have traveled and lived in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Being a native San Franciscan has given me an innovative acceptance and understanding of the uniqueness of people from all walks of life. I split my time between the islands of Hawaii ( my happy place) and Northern California, where I can enjoy my family. I am a mother and a grandmother.

I have been Divinely commissioned to help my clients "Align with the Divine" and create their lives and businesses from their most authentic selves. It is my joy to guide, teach to reach, move energy, and help others to ignite the light of their LEADER WITHIN


Thank you for hearing a portion of my story. I hope it gives you an intimate look into how I came to offer my work. I look forward to our meeting someday in person if it is in divine alignment, and regardless, I support you on your LifeStar journey in this world and the next.
See you on the IN side! 
With heart and soul,


Holly Shantara

Image by Silvestri Matteo

The Vision

LifeStar Coaching®️ is guiding the evolution of humanity through launching a million LifeStar clients and businesses comprised of Cultural Creatives, Social Entrepreneurs, Artists, Entertainers, Healing Arts Practitioners, Corporate Executives, Influencers, and Future Leaders as stellar stewards to rise and create destiny by each doing their part to bring the dream of heaven on earth to life through alignment and development of the values of truth, discernment, and integrity for the enrichment and betterment of all sentient beings in this world and beyond.

The Mission

LifeStar Coaching®️ destiny is to be a multi-dimensional, multi-million dollar leadership new paradigm transformation company bringing the dream of creating heaven on earth to life through building LifeStars, those stellar stewards and Highly Sensitive Persons whose soul purpose is to add integrity and value to every industry and faction of life so humanity levels up and create a  divinely aligned world for the legacy of future nations and generations.

The Message

Reveal through truth, discernment & integrity that true leadership comes from within

and anything is possible no matter who you are or where you are on the path of life.