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Get The Live Like a LifeStar Set!

Book & Companion Journal


Inside each of us is the potential and gift to live by our own design. Yet, most of us have trouble mastering life in ways that match our true ideals. The journey gets confusing and overwhelming when we forget to remember our true purpose and the desires of our hearts and soul. This material provides wisdom and compelling direction in the age of emerging leaders. 

In the book LifeStar Leader, Coach, and Mentor, Holly Shantara offer a road map, life compass, and 30+ years of experience as an Expert Energy Intuitive guide to the quest. She teaches a lifestyle design system that shows you how to integrate your personal and professional life with your soulful self. Her book is for those emerging leaders, conscious entrepreneurs, and rebels with a cause that know they have a purpose and are here to bring their gifts to the world and Live, Love, Lead and Thrive!

  • Format: Book or Ebook

  • Publisher: LIFESTAR CREATIONS®️ (Revised 2017)

  • Language: English

  • Prices: Paperback -  $12.95 - Ebook - $9.00


The Live Like A LifeStar Companion Journal is here to provide a personal space to capture your “LifeStar Moments” based on questions and exercises in the Live Like A LifeStar book. This mode of inquiry, reflection, activities, and exercises guide you through creating your ideal lifestyle design. By asking the big questions, reassessing your values, and releasing what is no longer needed, you will be closer to bringing your dreams to life. You are invited to journey beyond your known reality. Be willing to know what you don’t know. Feel encouraged. Open your mind and your heart. You might be surprised what shows up as you learn to Live, Love, Lead and Thrive as a LifeStar. Holly Shantara offers On-The-Go Guidance for those seeking positive change. Her LifeStar Coaching®, business consulting, spiritual mentoring, and inspirational speaking are designed to guide “The New Human” to live beyond the five senses and to more authentically “Level UP” in every area of life.

  • Format: Book

  • Publisher: LIFESTAR CREATIONS®️ 2018

  • Language: English

  • Prices: Paperback -  $14.95

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