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LIFESTAR OILS 🌱💧100% Pure Grade YLEOs

Adorn, Anoint, Ascend, Abundantly


100% Pure Grade Young Living Essential Oils

Adorn, Anoint, Ascend, Abundantly 


The body is a self-healing organism, so it's really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself. - Barbara Brennan


My life journey has always been unique. The challenges I have faced have led me in search of answers for myself and others spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.


For 30+ years professionally I turned my learning into opportunities to help people truly live, love, lead and thrive.


I have found being healthy and of sound mind and body makes a difference in being able to succeed in every area of life.


20+ years ago, another mom introduced me to Young Living and these drops of oils and the integrity of this company brought incredible options and transformation for me and my family's wellness that were effective, safe, simple, and easy to share.


What I found in Young Living was energy, vibrance, safe products, that support wellness in every area of life. This is not only a community of people who are empowered to make changes. this is a family that cares about purity and purpose from Seed to Seal.


I call my business within Young Living, LifeStar Oils because I use these gems from nature, to help level us up to be Life Stars which is what I professionally do as a life, leadership, and legacy coach.


With hands over hearts, come enjoy these products as you pursue your dreams of physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial freedom. Connect with these gifts from the Divine and let us help you find YOUR unique journey - together.

If you just want to get to the bottom line of using these drops of nature, check out the Essential Oils Cheat Sheet.


Gary Young, the founder of Young Living and the grandfather of the essential oils movement in the United States was known for saying, "prevention is better than cure." Little known factoid, he trained most of the corporate heads that have since started their own essential oils companies. Smart, passionate, and purposeful guy, Gary Young. 


There are so many stories to share. I would love to let you know all the wonderful gifts these essential oils provide. They are indeed gifts. 

From my own experience, I know what prevention means. 

Being involved in energy work, I respect the effect certain elements have on vibration. A healthy energy field is created through wellness. When there is a lack of respect for basic human needs like fresh air, clean water, healthy nutrition, and exercise, we run into imbalances.


Wellness is about being in balance. 

In our time of history, it is a time for self-awareness and self-responsibility for your choices to live a healthy lifestyle.




LifeStar Coaching® services provide Divine guidance for business and life leaders so they can live, love, lead and thrive from the INside. That means all changes must first happen internally before they can be externally executed. It is this fundamental law that when implemented through the application of personal growth and self-leadership practices that adds to success and fulfillment on every level. 



Living on the planet at this time you are going to need to grow your LifeStar, raise your vibration, and stay above the wellness line. Being your best involves having a healthy lifestyle. It helps to get the toxic products out of your household and have high vibrational, pure grade, uplifting and expanding products. It helps to have the oils. Young Living Essential Oils. 

I offer a free private consultation to answer all your questions. You can book a 20 minute connect call with me here. The page will open in a new window so you can keep browsing.

Check out My Wellness Bubble Starter Kit 

It includes my favorite must-haves for aligning yourself with healthy living and clean toxin-free living from the inside/out.


Take control of your health!

Go here if you want to learn the 101 on Essential oils

What adds to the value of guidance I give are what I use in my own life - the power and benefit of essential oils - specifically Young Living. 

Visit the full site to support you and your family NOW as the power to control our health is in our hands.


With Love, Life, and Wellness Blessings, 

Holly Shantara


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