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The New Human Leader




"Level Up Your Life, Leadership & Legacy"



Why Oils?

The body is a self-healing organism, so it's really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself. - Barbara Brennan


Thanks for stopping by. Being involved in energy work for over 30 years, I respect the effect certain elements have on vibration. Specifically, the vibration of the human energy field and subsequently the ability to self-heal. Because a compromised energy field leads to dis-ease. Whereas a healthy energy field is created through wellness. 


In my LifeStar Coaching®, I guide my clients to lead their lives and business from the inside out. That means all changes must first happen internally before they can be externally executed. It is this fundamental law that when implemented through the application of personal growth and self-leadership practices that adds to success and fulfillment on every level. 

I guide my clients in the 8 main areas of life. What has been missing from the guidance I give is the one thing I use in my own life - the power and benefit of essential oils - specifically Young Living. 


I have been using these oils and the wellness products for over 17 years. I am obsessed with the transformation these oils provide. What I realized is that I was not sharing these oils with my clients and it is a huge part of how I am able to maintain a high vibration in my world. I LOVE THESE OILS! I love anointing, use them for self-care, adorn myself with products infused with essential oils and helping on the ascension path. When we break cadence with dysfunction even vibrationally it is easy to not get drawn into the dross of life. The oils help with that and more.


It helps to have tools be they energetic, physical or business success tools. I have a wealth of tools! If it can help someone, I want to share them. 


Note: I am also a huge advocate for the entrepreneurial lifestyle. There is a business side of this too. At the very least, it is suggested to be a member and get the products at wholesale price. 


To get started, sign up for your *Premium Starter Kit. It comes with a plethora of oils a diffuser and other goodies. 


Then sign up for Essential Rewards so you can get free oils and products monthly. ​


My suggestion is to start with the oils. If you want to do the business too, I can help guide you. Great for those interested or have a Wellness career already. The business model is creative, fun, nurturing and a healthy way of doing business. 


To conclude, growing your LifeStar - lifestyle design with heart and soul - you are going to need to raise your vibration. Being on the planet you are going to need to "Level Up." Being your best involves having a healthy lifestyle. It helps to have high vibrational, pure grade, uplifting and expanding products. It helps to have the oils. Young Living Essential Oils. 


Visit my site to get started:





Holly Shantara

Independent Distributor

Sponsor and Member #409031




* What is in the Premium Starter Kit? There are six different kits. ( click on links for product info)

My favorite? 


These oils alone would be over $300 + diffuser. You can get this Premium Starter Kit for only $160. Add Essential Rewards and order a minimum of $50 PV for best value and to accrue free products. 

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Holly Shantara

Independent Distributor

Sponsor and Member #409031