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  • Create Your Destiny

    VIP Day With Holly Shantara
    Valid for 12 days
    • Get Divine Direction For Success
    • Choose between personal or professional focus or combine!
    • For entrepreneurship, leadership, management, project-based
    • Your VIP Day will include insights and impact tools
    • Get Business Breakthroughs
    • Learn Empowerment & Self Mastery
    • Build your custom-designed day with Holly
    • Virtual, in person or on site option( travel fees may apply)
    • MP3 or MP4 recordings
    • Pay in Full $1575
    • 12 days to complete as a full VIP Day or (2) half days
    • for more info
  • Soul Success System

    Every month
    Year-Long Custom-Designed All-Inclusive Program
    Valid for 12 months
    • V.I.P. DAY
    • Weekly 60-Minute Mentoring Sessions ( 52 Total)
    • Unlimited Email Exchange
    • Unlimited Text Exchange
    • Project Document Reviews
    • MP3 or MP4 Recordings of all
    • BONUS: Free Access Pass all LifeStar Classes & Group Events
    • Life Coaching; Business Consulting; Spiritual Mentoring
    • Phone, Video Conferencing, or In-Person Meetings
    • Paid in Full 20% off. Please ask for invoice.
    • Payment plan $1111 each month for 12 months
    • Optional Add ons Available
  • LifeStar Leader Plan

    Every month
    Six Month Plan For Business Leaders & Influencers
    Valid for 6 months
    • L.E.V.E.L. U.P. Your Inner Game
    • L - Line Up With The Divine Spirit
    • E - Elevate Your Mental Influence
    • V -Validate Your Emotional Intelligence
    • E- Energize Your Physical Vehicle
    • L- Leverage Your Profession
    • U - Up Your Wealth Quotient
    • P - Practice Relationship Skills
    • Level up Authentically in your Life, Leadership, and Legacy.
    • Fulfill Your Destiny * Reach Your Goals * Succeed on Purpose
    • 8 Houses-Spirit, Mind, Heart, Body, Work, Money, Love, Space
    • Reach Into Your Soul and Align Divinely to The True You
    • Weekly & Bi-Weekly + Fast Track Coaching Sessions
    • Unlimited Email & SMS Text Support
    • LifeStar Review of Docs/Letter/Journal
    • MP3 & MP4 Recordings
    • Phone, Video Conferencing, or In-Person Meetings
    • Paid in Full 10% off. Please ask for invoicing
    • Payment plan $997 each month for 6 months
    • Based on the LifeStar System for Success
  • Intuitive Mentoring

    Every month
    Monthly Unlimited for Empaths, Healers & Spiritually Gifted
    • Take the Next Step In Your Spiritual Journey
    • Intuitive Intelligence Mentoring
    • Guidance & Exercises Custom-Designed for Your Level
    • Holistic Approach
    • Enhance Intuitive Skills
    • Development of Emotional and Energetic Self-Care
    • Increase Your Confidence
    • Unlock Your Spiritual Abilities
    • Bring Your Gifts to the World
    • Monthly 90-minute & 60-minute Live Zoom Meetings
    • Bi-Monthly 30-Minute Phone Sessions
    • Weekly 15-Minute Text Check-Ins
    • 24/7 Comprehensive Energetic Spiritual Support
    • Month-to-Month Unlimited $888
    • Three-Month Savings Plan Pay-In-Full (Please Inquire)
  • F.O.C.U.S To Grow

    Every month
    For Lifestyle, Identity Shifts and Career Changes
    Valid for 3 months
    • F - Find YOUR Path
    • O - Overcome Obstacles
    • C - Create Your Plan
    • U - Utilize Resources
    • S - Succeed on Purpose
    • 12 Weeks To Transformation
    • Bi-Monthly 60-Minute Sessions
    • Monthly 90-Minute Sessions
    • Weekly Accountability Support via Text (optional)
    • MP3 or MP4 Recordings in 24 Hours For Re-Listening
    • Phone, Video Conferencing or In-Person Meetings
    • Paid in Full 20% off. Please ask for invoicing
    • Payment plans accepted $797 each month for 3 months

By purchasing this plan you have authorized Holly Shantara & LifeStar Coaching®️ to charge your credit card based on the terms set forth in the agreement. Our sites are SSL protected and every effort has been made to secure your information. If you prefer an invoice for payment option please request via email at

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