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Holly Shantara 
Visionary Guide


Transforming lives and businesses since 1989

Gain Clarity | Get Inspired | Develop Results |
Activate Your Leader Within

For Evolutionary Transitions of Life, Leadership, Legacy & Soul 

Holly is a Visionary Guide & Catalyst for Transformation, Certified Life Coach, Business Mentor, Author, Speaker, and the Founder of LifeStar Coaching®️


In transition? Facing a challenge? Level up and ignite the light of your leader within! Holly has a unique gift for dynamically guiding the gifted and sensitive, who are called to be leaders and influencers of the new humanity. Her methods are adaptable to varying persons & cultural climates. You can accelerate growth and potential through her LifeStar Coaching®️ proprietary system, bridging intuitive knowing with practical action. LifeStar Coaching®️ helps to: 🌟 Awaken, clarify, and develop hidden gifts, talents, and abilities 🌟 Accelerate growth while building self- trust and confidence 🌟 Overcome obstacles and learn strategies for creating success from the IN side When you know you are ready to transform your life, leadership, or legacy, then it's time to Level Up with guidance from Holly Shantara.

Find Your True North with Holly

Pain Into Passion
and Passion Into Purpose

All Success Starts Within

Welcome to Your LifeStar Journey