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"Holly has guided me through a successful and higher path of my personal and professional life."
- Juan Carlos Fernandez/

"Helped me to step forward onto a bigger life stage with courage, compassion, and grace. I am better able to live my life's purpose and do the work I was meant to"

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begins within."
Holly Shantara


Get Connected To The INside


Resonance is truth reverberating within. Alignment with your True Self accelerates growth. When your energy shifts, so will your life. 
Gain Clarity


True success involves the law of exchange. When you are on purpose, you make a difference. Success is meant to be reciprocal, involves others, and is where dreams come true.
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Navigating towards your true North develops self-trust and confidence - necessary attributes in an evolving world. Enlightenment makes your future, possible
Find Truth


 Everything happens on the inside first. All the manifested world began within. Learn how to work with the amazing intel of mind, body, and spirit. 
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The guidance clients receive from Holly Shantara's coaching, mentoring, and consulting services create results.​

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Jerramy Fine


Author - United Kingdom


"Thank you again for all you do for the world.
One session with you is more helpful than 20 sessions with a traditional therapist!"