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Transform Your Life,
Leadership and Legacy

I teach you to powerfully navigate your inner game, so you can fulfill your destiny, reach your goals, and succeed on purpose.
Anything is possible!

LifeStar Coaching®

Holly Shantara 


You are invited to work with Holly Shantara & Associates LifeStar Coaching® services, where we transform lives and businesses.


It is my passion to help my clients bring their visions to life. Share with me your dream or seed of your million-dollar idea and I will help it grow. 

Facilitating a specialized and high-level intuitive skill set combined with practical down-to-earth knowledge, the guidance my clients receive from our coaching services directs them towards making a difference while achieving personal and professional results.

Those that are my associates, I mentor and have become part of my guidance team. They also bring their own set of skill sets and unique soul signatures to the mix. 

If you or your team, family, or cause, are in transition or facing a challenge, or you are ready to create your next big thing, you will find great value here.


Through my facilitation, it is my personal guarantee that you will gain greater alignment navigating the road to soul mastery and personal success. 

I invite you to schedule your 20-Minute Complimentary Consultation.

Holly Shantara & Associates
Welcomes You!

What Clients Are Saying

Jerramy Fine

Author - United Kingdom


""Thank you again for all you do for the world.
One session with you is more helpful than 20 sessions with a traditional therapist!"  


Marigold A


"I’ve worked with Holly on and off for years.  I was going through some major life changes back in 2016.  I was always skeptical of personal life coaches but Holly is so much more than that.  She brings a lot to the table in terms of wisdom, patience and empathic guidance that takes coaching to a new level.  Her occasional dispensing of tough love when I was ready to give up on finding a romantic partner kept me going.  In 2018 on vacation at Christmas in Hawaii, I met my soulmate in Waikiki.  We are now engaged and he was worth the wait! Holly is honest, caring and has tremendous integrity.  More importantly, she ‘walks the talk’ in her own personal life which makes her guidance even more genuine. I wouldn't have gotten this far without her caring guidance, wisdom, and tough love support!:) I am trusting my intuition more and more.

I love the Holly Shantara Queen-In-Training School of Awesomeness!!" 

Jaimal Yogis

Author, Screenwriter, Speaker


"Holly Shantara got me trusting myself after a long period of doubt and fear. That essential shift rebooted my career in ways that I am grateful for every single day. Her wisdom is priceless. I’ve talked to Holly during some of the scariest, saddest times in my life and she has never failed to help me find my clarity and center again. She’s able to work on so many levels at once - psychological, practical and spiritual. It’s truly astonishing. I feel fortunate to have her as a coach and friend.” 



Heidi Dollinger

Real Estate Sales 

Island Sotheby's International Realty 


"I'm so incredibly grateful for Holly's valuable support and guidance!!!  She has helped me achieve so much personally and professionally, understanding the two are completely intertwined.  Her insight has kept me focused to direct my energy on what is productive and most important, to let go of things that are not, or not the right time, and has helped me to increase my confidence and faith in creating my future. I'm excited to continue the adventure."



Surrina Plemons

Residential Interior Design


“Holly!  You have been such an integral part of my growth and support this past year + and I wanted to say how very thankful for all that you have given and shown me!  I just wanted to make sure that I expressed to you how much you mean to me 😊

Thank you for everything!!!"



Daniel Weaver

Founder, 360 One Architecture


"I’ve worked with Holly Shantara on and off for the past fifteen years.  I’ve had plenty of “talk” therapy in my life.  Being able to describe where you “are at” in your life is one thing, being able to grock and embody your soul’s lessons is another.  This is where Holly excels and is so valuable.  I think one of the more revealing aspects of a successful guide is someone who asks you uncomfortable questions.  Questions that whisper to you, questions that you might not want to face but you know you need to in order to unlock whatever the next gift is for you. Holly has helped immeasurably in this capacity in both my personal and work life.  She encourages me to go beyond the mental perspective to the deeper and truer path of the innate wisdom of my heart. You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with Holly.  To the contrary,  you will be more compelled than ever.

I can’t recommend her highly enough!  Go for it!"


Lisa Eddy

Soul + Skin Mentor

"I have worked with Holly off and on for several years nows. I have recently re-listened to the recordings from the sessions we have had dating back several years ago and have been shocked at how ahead of the time Holly was with calling out some of my gifts and how I would be helping women which are now coming to fruition.  It’s been so helpful to pull on this content from our sessions as I am creating my content.  Holly has the ability to see and hold space for what you are capable of and pull out the magic that is inside you.  She is able to see in terms of programs, content, direction… really powerful in-depth and comprehensive suggestions on how to create your transformational programs to live out your soul's purpose.  Take the info and run with it.  It's gold.” .


Puneh S.

Business Enterprise Development


In the year and a half that I have worked with Holly, I have watched the abundance of flow and alignment come into my life in the highest forms. In life, our job is to live our purpose and serve our highest good so that it may emanate out into our world. Holly has served as a wise counsel, and an open conduit in helping me achieve just that, more each day. I can truly say working with Holly, is transformative in the best possible ways. 

.” .