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Divining the Divine®️ 

Level Up! 

Holly Shantara & Associates

"Thank you again for all you do for the world.
One session with you is more helpful than 20 sessions with a traditional therapist!

J.F. - United Kingdom

Transform Your Life, Leadership & Legacy

LifeStar Coaching®️ 

Live, Love, Lead & Thrive 
Spiritually * Mentally * Emotionally * Physically
Professionally * Financially * Relationships * Environment
This is a great way to connect with Holly Shantara. She will get to know you and your needs give some valuable insight and see togther if it is a fit to progress to the B...
20 min

Join The New Humanity




Awaken & Enhance

Your Gifts, Talents & Abilities

Create, Heal, Evolve

From The Inside Out

"I feel like the elephant that was sitting on my chest is gone. I feel like I can breathe. You’re a miracle, Holly and I’m so grateful that I am able to work with you.

Jenn, Tech Account Executive

Guided by the Divine is our Bottom Line



 It takes energy to move,

to grow, to see results. When your energy shifts,

so does your life. 

Get Clear



 It takes power

to build dreams.

 When you are empowered,  magic happens. 

Get Results



It takes an enlightened mind

to lead from within.

When you are enlightened,

you thrive. 

Get Aligned

"While we were on the call, I had two rather large potential contracts reach out to me—one that I had been waiting on that I had all but given up on and another one literally out of the blue. Thank you again! I look forward to our next session and working with you."- B.G., Healthcare Consultant

Lead From The IN Side


"The best leaders are readers of people. They have the intuitive ability to understand others by discerning how they feel and recognizing what they sense." - John C. Maxwell

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