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The New Human Leader




"Level Up Your Life, Leadership & Legacy"


Holly Shantara

           Divining the Divine 

This is a great no-cost way to connect with Holly Shantara. She will get to know you and your needs and you will find out about her services, get some valuable insight an...
20 min
 "Transform Your Life, Leadership & Legacy"

The Keys to Success, Happiness, Health & Wealth Are Within YOU! 

LifeStar Coaching®️ 

   On The Go Guidance

For Life, Leadership & Legacy


"WELCOME! Thank you for your interest. I am honored to be your guide. You are on a unique life path with a blueprint! This blueprint holds the keys to your future and your fulfillment. I am an experienced facilitator who has successfully guided many on their path. Through Divining the Divine™️, we navigate your life, business, health, wealth & relationships, dreams, and challenges. Through LifeStar Coaching®️ we develop your life, leadership & legacy gifts so you may live, love, lead and thrive aligned with your true self. It is my honor to use my gifts & 30 years of professional practice to guide you through the multi-dimensional matrixes and transformation of your personal and professional life! "

- In service to the Divine, Holly Shantara

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Open Your Psyche
To The Leader With 'IN'


"The best leaders are readers of people. They have the intuitive ability to understand others by discerning how they feel and recognizing what they sense." - John C. Maxwell



 On-The-Go Guidance & Mentoring For The New Human Life, Leadership & Legacy Builders

 Level UP!

Live, Love, Lead, Thrive

From The 'IN' Side 




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Inspirational Motivational

Join The New Humanity 



Awaken & Enhance Your Abilities

Evolve Your Dream 




I am in the business of bringing dreams into reality...

It is my privilege and service to guide my clients; to help them make their intentions manifest. I am a highly experienced energy reader. I know how to turn a seeker onto their power, potential and reveal possibilities and save them time, energy and money; to find the seed of a million-dollar idea, and help it to grow; to bring healing, balance, and order into someone's life. All by tapping into the soul and the Divine. I have found that the source of all problems is misalignment or being out of resonance. The key to making anything happen is resonating and aligning with the Leader Within.


You show me your dream, I will show you the Divine Blueprint for making it happen. 


Greetings - Thank you for your interest in working together,

  I spend my time between the San Francisco Bay Area and Hawaii. I serve my clients & students locally and globally in person, on-site, by phone & video conferencing. I look forward to meeting with you! 



Guided by The Divine

Is The Bottom Line





 It takes energy to move,

to grow, to see results. When your energy shifts,

so does your life. 

We energize you.



 It takes power

to build dreams.

 When you are empowered,  magic happens. 

We empower you.



It takes an enlightened mind

to lead from within.

When you are enlightened,

you thrive. 

We enlighten you.