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The Turn Of The Wheel - Change Is In The Moment

Updated: Jan 31, 2023


"Be The Change You Wish To See In The World" - Mahatma Gandhi

I tend to speak about change frequently in my coaching work. Change is something I see a lot.

I once heard a saying, I think it was Buddhist. It said, "The only thing permanent is change."

I talk about change, because it is a theme. A theme in people's lives. Honestly, I wouldn't be doing what I do, nor would you, if change were not involved.

Yet, somehow, it seems that many fear change. Is it because it might change something for the worse? Or, would there be something you might have to let go of? Something you hold near and dear to your heart? Something you value? Is there fear of change connected to loss? I believe so. And, is loss connected to lack of trust in something better emerging? Yes, I have observed this as well. But, change can be wonderful if you know how to play with the turn of the wheel.

I saw a video post today about a woman that fell 50 feet, got hit by a car and was diagnosed with cancer all in one month. That was some huge change! What did she do with it? She decided to visit the 7 wonders of the world in 13 days! How awesome is that? She is now cancer free.

Change is inevitable.

This image above is of a card in the Tarot - an ancient divination tool - called the Wheel of Fortune. It is a "10" card that signifies change and stability and fortune or not, based on your previous and current actions. You can read more about it in the author's description at the following link:

I was speaking to my 89 year, young father the other day. I asked him if he was ever in a position to have to be immobile, like being in a wheelchair, would he want to still be here?

He replied to my question with a most practical yet philosophical answer. He said, " Well, I don't really spend time thinking about 'what if this happens to me, then what will I do?' I just try and live more in the moment now. My wife and I will ask each other at the end of a day if it was a good day. That is what I am grateful for now. Each day. I am not thinking 'what if?'" That is how my father is dealing with his changing body. What a good attitude.

His response was interesting to me, because I just had another conversation with him when I was visiting recently, where he was asking me about MY future plans. My response at the time was similar to his in that I didn't want to apply a lot of energy to the "What if's." Yet, he did not see my perspective with the same kind of value. He saw it as irresponsible.

Children are in the present. Enlightened beings live in the eternal moment. My father is living in the moment. Yet, if society as a whole lived in the moment, it would and does look irresponsible to the observer.

What if the moment is where great art, and great love and great perception happens? In this moment is where the power point excites to initiate all sorts of change. How are we missing that key element? That the access to "the great" happens in the moment? Because normal humans are always looking outside themselves instead of soul searching and disciplining the mind to become clearer, more disciplined and focused.

This is part of the work I choose to bring forward as I speak about " The New Human." It is all about living life with expanded awareness and using your gifts, talents and abilities to make some really powerful change happen.

I am inviting you to look at your moments and make them significant. Honor them. Cherish them. Know that life has a way of balancing things out.

We have just started another year. The wheel is turning again. It is a baby year. Just a few days old. Instead of striving for those end of the year goals right away, how about deciding that you are going to make a great moment last for an entire year?

Maybe it is that your moment is to experience abundance. Or, to finally do your dream. Or, what about living a life of love? Or, perhaps your moment is about staying aware and connected?

The place of the most equilibrium within a wheel, is the center. The hub. What is your hub and center focus during this time?

Find it. Cherish it. Languish there. Build strength, resilience and confidence there. Then let it spread out to the rest of the wheel and the world. Take your moment and let it expand and you will have a resource to experience change from centered awareness and not from reaction. This is a practice. Take your time.

Yes, the only thing permanent is change. From the center, it is safe. Safe to let go and allow the movement of the wheel, without getting caught up in the spokes. Safe to expand when you are ready and command the wheel.

Find your center during this time and hang out there often, no matter what you are doing, and you will find great moments of insight and intuition and connection to life emerging from within you. This is peace. True peace is an inside hub-of-the-wheel-acceptance-of-change-trusting-in-the-process-living-in-the-moment kind of deal. It is where The New Human is oriented from - the center of now.

Happy New Turn Of The Wheel!

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