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Playing With Time

One of the greatest challenges I witness with my clients, is their relationship to time. They often refer to it, as the need for time management.

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If you think about it, there are 365 days in a year, and 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute. Tick, tock… This is what I call “Horizontal” time. It also involves past, present and future. Before, during, after, and yesterday, today and tomorrow.

This “horizontal time” is what can trip people up and make for overwhelm, procrastination, avoidance patterns or the dreaded, “Hurry, worry and doubt.” Especially in the 21st century.

“Horizontal” time can be great if you are “On time” able to meet your timelines and are organized with a calendar, goal setting and the like.

But, what happens when something unexpected happens that you “Don’t have time for?”

What if you miss those deadlines? That usually means stress. And, stress is no fun.

You may have heard it said, “Time is the great healer,” or, “Everything heals with time,” but does it really? And, do you even believe that to be true?

This is where I like to introduce the liberating concept of “Vertical” time.

Vertical time is akin to the statement, “As above, so below.” When it is experienced, you can feel like you are in the ease, grace and flow of life. It is like you can morph time to stop, slow down, speed up or expand. Have you experienced this yet? It is an incredibly liberating experience.

By introducing vertical time into a horizontal timeline, through your intention and focus, your intuition will kick in and you can more easily shift into the “Everything happens for a reason” mindset.

Vertical time is really about alignment to your spirit, super conscious mind or what I like to call, “The Knower Of You.”

The great physicist Albert Einstein had it right when he said, “Time is an illusion, but a very persistent one.” Horizontal time can lock you in or lock you out. Vertical time awareness shows the illusion and has you navigating with freedom, trust, allowance and again, ease, grace and flow.

As we experience acceleration through technology, it is as though it has made time speed up.

How do you navigate the increased pace of life without feeling like you are running around breathless with all there is to do?

Actually, you slow down.

Yes, you heard me right. You slow your breath, your mind and get into the moment. The eternal NOW.

Then you open up your consciousness by shifting focus from Horizontal to Vertical. Look up energetically. Take a breath. Remember you are spirit in a body. There is a divine timeline in your divine pattern.

Here is a simple exercise for accessing synchronistic time or timelessness experiences:

  1. Get in the moment. Bring your attention to here and now.

  2. Next, deepen your breathing, relax your body and actively listen to your internal time clock - your intuition and gut instincts.

  3. Set the intention for creating the timeline you ideally want based on your intuitive guidance.

  4. Set your calendar, make your appointments, goals etc and ground them into this reality. Then do the whole exercise again when you feel overwhelmed, are procrastinating or experiencing some other time resistant cycle.

Time can be a great healer, but it can be laborious if one is only tapped into this horizontal time line. Practice playing with vertical time. It is such a more interesting and liberating place to be and perfectly apropos for this 21st Century timeline. Plus, it will help you with your time management more than you know.

How do you play with time?

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