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Death is not the final frontier - What is the message in the discomfort?

Most people would like to bypass the death conversation partly because it is unsavory to the palette. Who wants to be morbid and speak of death? Yet, it is in our faces every day. It is a reality in everybody’s life. Just turn on the news. So why can we not speak about it?

Yes, we prefer to speak about the joys and be uplifted, positively leveling up! Nothing wrong with that.

Yet, the whole picture to authenticity is the awareness: we don’t level up in life or business without something to push off of, without experiencing a death/loss of some sort. Make peace with this if you please.

The seed of new growth does not happen but for the death of the fruit.

Death is not the final frontier.

To believe this broken world is all there is, that loss is all there is to look forward to, that your loved ones gone, cease to exist in a world beyond this 3-D life, would be soul-crushing.

Spirit continues and renews way beyond this world.

Death is not the end. You have a place—a palace. Your soul mansion you knew before you came into this life and will revisit after this life. Until the end of this world, death is a necessary step on the way to something greater.

The process of alchemy is a journey of transformation. No pressure, no diamonds. Seed to fruit. Whether you are growing a life, a love, a business, or a family, you are saying goodbye to something in favor of producing something else.

Life begins outside your comfort zone.

It is incredible how resistant to change most people are. We love to cling to what is familiar even if it is no longer correct. Those old clothes in your closet you hope to wear again. Your relationship with a friend just not feeding you in the same way. The business you show up at every day only to wistfully wish for a way out.

LISTEN to this message: something is in the process of dying so that something else can be reborn.

I respect commitment energy, but sometimes commitments need an upgrade or at the very least, to be brought into present time.

We often lose sight of the sacred process of death, preferring love and light. Get uncomfortable and see what the message is in the discomfort.

It is a misnomer “if it is uncomfortable, it is not right.” One of the processes of intuition is discernment. How do you know where something is not “right?” Because it feels off? Or, you are just feeling off about what is right because it involves changing something you would prefer not to change? It takes a certain kind of willingness and courage to let go of the life you have lived to embrace the life that is coming to be. Letting go into your ascended self’s wisdom will bring clarity.

At some point, to have a new life, you will have to sacrifice something about your former life.

Transition is probably one of the most dangerous passages on the soul journey because it can be fraught with unknowns, headaches, and insecurities. A very ungrounded time. You are not quite in the new, and you are not entirely out of the old. You are in the bardo, the in-between. Not quite here and not quite there. The long part of the road trip where your kids ask, “are we there yet?”

You may lose your friends, family, home, livelihood, even attachments you didn’t know you had to make room for the new. It is ok to grieve.

The “new” beckons to awaken your dreams. Are you choosing to rise from the ashes of your former life?

Do not resist the dying process.

How you use this information is up to you. I would suggest meditating on your metamorphosis process. What is dying in you so that you may live?

The caterpillar offers itself in the process of metamorphosis to become the butterfly. Once it does, it cannot go back. Ever.

If the kingdom of heaven is truly within, you must go within to find your Divine Self, to access your Divine Inheritance, Healing, and Guidance.

I seek to teach these transformation principles as guidance to awaken the direction within you.

What are you giving up to be who you truly are?

What death process are you trying to ignore in favor of just “getting on with it.” Be present with what is dying or has died in your life and get the message so that you can be complete and your new self can be born.

Be aware of "spiritual bypass." It means pretending that you are just a caterpillar and that anything to do with spirit or life or death or beyond the grave/cocoon is not accurate. You won’t give your spirit/the Divine the bandwidth needed to help you evolve.

One of the messages of going within and getting "it" right is aligning with the greater you.

Your spiritual source, star-being self or mystic avatar or god/goddess within, whatever is your means for connection, offers you an opportunity to cross that threshold without bypassing your spirit knowledge any longer. Go there.

As humanity is evolving, we need this message. If we did not get this on a global level, that the Divine is seeking intimacy and speaking intimately with each of us, we missed the point again during our sheltering time. Life is always giving opportunities to get it right.

It is up to you to take your heartbreak and break open, turning your scars into stars. Your lemons into lemonade. Your learning into lessons.

What are you planning to do, be or have in this next phase of your life?

Do not rush this process of coming out. It is happening. The butterfly needs time to test its wings.

Metamorphosis is happening whether we want it to or not. The years, Presidents and viruses come and go. Let’s not lose our way, love, or meaning over things of this world. Bless what is happening, what we are leaving behind, and where we are going.

Winter has come and gone. Spring is here!

Let’s welcome the new life, the ascended self from the ashes of the past.

From broken to brilliant, ascension is our collective destiny.

You can look death in the face and say, “you are not the final frontier” even as you surrender to the dying process. Then in either this life or the next, we will again embrace the process of rising again.

I dare you lovingly to let go of something that you have clung to that you know you cannot take with you into the new. Something that is weighing you down. Whatever has kept you from flying. I dare you to let go within.

Get ready to fly.

It is time to focus on your inner game. Build up your energy. Get ready for your breakthrough. 

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