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THE REWORK Mercury Retrograde 😵‍💫 Positive Tips for Navigating Change

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Mercury Retrograde has a negative reputation. Most people who are aware, tend to want to avoid it like the plague. Yes, there are inconveniences, but there are benefits too. Here is some information and tips to navigate the planet of communication and travel when it is in it's retrograde cycle.

It is a good time to rework it all! Triple check all facts, contracts, travel plans because communication and travel plans can be interrupted.

On a business level, it is NOT the best time to launch an event.

On a personal level, making agreements for partnerships is best left to when Mercury ends its retrograde cycle and goes direct.

Oops! Forgot to plan your wedding or significant travel around Mercury? No problem. Just be intentional and triple-check all details. And, if you run into a snag, you can blame it all on Mercury.

Mercury is retrograde three times a year for 3/4 weeks, typically speaking.

So, what is suitable focus during a Mercury Retrograde? Because we all know we can't just stop plans, living, and creating in business. We have to keep going with life. I know some people stop doing anything during Mercury retrograde. But, you don't need to be at the effect of living in this way. Here are a few ways you can use this cycle and make it work for you instead of against you:

Redo - Anything. Your closets. Your garage. That car you need to take in to get the funky sound checked? Get it checked.

Rework - Ideas and plans that you have had on the "to do" list but have been saving until "later." Look and check in if these ideas and projects are still relevant for you.

Rewrite - Contracts; agreements; vows, promises; IOUs, etc. A good time to edit your book or a special letter you plan to send once Mercury comes out of retrograde.

Revisit - Your relationships and communication with others. Maybe you have a withhold, or things were not said well earlier between you and another—time to revisit and clean it up.

Relearn - Anything you didn't quite get down in your brain now is the time to try again. My mother used to say a little ditty that sums this up, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again."

By reworking the "RE" energy of retrograde, once Mercury goes direct, you will feel lighter and more accessible and able to build momentum for going forward.

If you are feeling the urge to do a summer clean-up because you missed spring clean-up, go ahead. Get re-organized! It will help your psyche, too, to reap the benefits.

Bonus tips:

  1. Mark your calendars for all Mercury retro cycles, and make sure to plan your launches, travel, and significant dates after Mercury goes direct, if possible.

  2. Clean up your closets, vibration and clear the air with others.

  3. If you have events planned, double-check and triple-check everything and be as thorough as possible in your communication and transactions.

Mercury retrograde dates 2021:

January 30 - February 20

May 29 - June 22

September 27th - October 18

Mercury retrograde dates 2022:

January 14 - February 3

May 10 -June 2

September 9 - October 2

December 29 - January 18

A recommended book for this time of Mercury rework is Marie Folio's book; Everything is Figuroutable. Marie outlines how no matter how hard it gets, you can find a way through. I am reading it on Kindle and listening to it on Audible. I love her candid approach to being a successful human "doing." She has great practical advice.

Marie says, the most powerful words in the Universe are the ones you say to yourself. So again, communication is vital. Listen to the words you are saying to yourself about yourself!

Another aspect of Mercury is the association with Hermès. Hermès is known as the messenger of the gods. He optimizes masculine energy that goes between the worlds and offers the value of the heavens and Earth. He was the original symbol for Mercury and brings messages on his wings on how to right the wrongs and bring healing as symbolized by his caduceus staff; the original symbol for healing found in the Hippocrates oath emblem of medical institutions and doctor's decrees to "do no harm."

With this analogy, we come to see Mercury retrograde as a teacher and healer because we have learned that we often have to go back and undo the subconscious hooks and ties to move forward in any transformation process.

I don't feel the need to explain Mercury much more than that now, as there is lots of stuff online, you can research.

Most important is the message I want to convey.

Whether we speak of eclipses, moon/sun cycles, or solstices/equinoxes, humans on Earth are under the influence of celestial environments and personal and professional environments. Even the health of your body is an environment. Therefore, the Environmental House of your LifeStar is a crucial aspect for improving your life and your freedom.

When we understand the environmental influences, we can work with the energies in a more empowered way.

What to do when Mercury goes retrograde?

Rework it, Baby!

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