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We, The People, Pledge Allegiance to The Earth and All Life Which It Supports.

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Yesterday, we celebrated Earth Day, 2020. There were beautiful heartfelt posts on social media. People were taking a break from the problems to appreciate & acknowledge our planet. I even saw a video of a jellyfish in the Venice Canals as Italy remains on lockdown. Beautiful!

We, the people, have to learn to be creative & resourceful now. Yes, including toilet paper. Who would’ve thought this would be our great resource? More so than water? Crazy times. We, the people, must be resourceful and operate with increased conscientiousness as stewards of this beautiful Earth. It takes heart. (A fun little factoid: If you change the letters of Earth around you get the word: HEART.) Is this a planet that needs us to lead with our hearts if we are to survive and thrive? We, the people, choose to honor the message and lessons of COVID19.

We, the people, honor those who have given or lost their lives in this pandemic. We go beyond doing life, “business as usual” and pledge allegiance not just for ourselves, but for the whole unified field. COVID19 has delivered to the people blessings and adversity. Growing pains, perhaps? Giving birth to a more evolved humanity is a necessary, though no easy task. Anybody that has given birth to something, be it an idea or a human being, will tell you, the pain endured of labor becomes “worth it” when you can make something new, or if there is a payoff at the end. For instance, if you endure relationships that don’t work and then you eventually find your life partner, or if you deprive yourself of indulgences so that your health can improve, or you suffer a job loss and then can find your life purpose. These are payoffs that become worth the pain endured. How is COVID19 going to be “worth it” in the end for you? You may not be able to envision or feel into this now, but it will come. Hang in there. Often when in the pain, we cannot always see the benefit that will come. Pain is a part of life. It provides the contrast, providing clarity on what is important, so you can put your energy in those directions that matter. While pledging allegiance to help bring heaven to Earth, for the good of the whole, start at home. Like the song says, “let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me... ” It starts with you. You matter - Your living breath matters. Each beat of your heart is valued by the Divine. You are significant to the greater whole. You are loved. Creating change in your life while on the planet, involves a critical mass to tip the scales towards change. In other words, 51% and above. Anybody in business will tell you, numbers don’t lie. You can lie about the numbers, but at the end of the day, success means reaching 51% mark and above in the direction of positivity. Each one of us has a social and ethical responsibility to tip those scales in the direction of good. What are you doing to be the change you wish to see in the world to move your scales into 51% and above? I admit it is a daily challenge. As old systems and corruption dismantle, it can feel like you are in a bog, energetically. You have to ride the wave when that happens, rest and regroup, and then do positive actions until you get buoyant again. Be gentle on yourself at this time. Rest is good. To celebrate Earth Day, I started an in-home hydroponic garden. Being sheltered-in-place has its benefits and limitations. I have been trying to be as self-sustainable as possible - a part of the solution. I have pledged allegiance to do my part to create heaven on Earth, even if it is growing my herbs and vegetables indoors. To be a better human, work on it every day. Wake up to who you are and why you are here, which is a big part of becoming a “New Human” and creating a newly awakened humanity. Improving yourself is what the planet needs. It could be something simple like an attitude adjustment or a change in how you communicate, or just aiming to ‘wag more and bark less!’ It starts with you. The simple things are what matters. Having a hard time connecting positively with yourself? Sometimes the best thing to do when you don’t know what to do is to help someone else. One day, I decided to send a positive text message out to several people. It turned out I was not the only one in a funk that day. Made myself and several people feel better. Ask yourself what you are doing to be the change. In what ways can you add value to our growing and evolving planet? No doubt, we cannot continue at the pace we were keeping before COVID19, and we won’t. Some ways of doing things are over for good. Pledge no allegiance to the falling away but instead to that which is coming to be. Take heart in this birthing of the new Earth and awakened humanity uprising. Remember, the breakdown precedes the breakthrough. We will get through this together on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Just remember to pledge to do your part. We need you. We got this!

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