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Waiting for the World to Change

Time is an interesting phenomena. It changes things.

Have you noticed how you deal with a waiting period? Waiting for things to complete, to begin, to go, to stop, to just move! I often liken it to being in a funnel, or behind a dam, waiting for things to change.

Upon reflection, I stumbled upon this song:

In this song, John Mayer talks about his generation, the youth, just waiting for the world to change. It is meaningful. Sometimes the world sucks and we just want it to change.

Waiting is not a fun energy. Waiting in line. Waiting in traffic. Waiting for things to heal up. Waiting for the monies to come in. Waiting for the job promotion. Waiting to move. Waiting for the world to change.

Sometimes things change and strangely, we are released out of our waiting periods. Things start to move. It is not about putting a value judgement on whether that change is for the better or worse. It is often too soon to tell. Just note a turn in the wheel where there is movement.

I notice themes, currents, areas of focus, in my work with clients. Not only their personal stuff, but how it all relates to the bigger picture. There is something about the collective consciousness and how it all flows and ebbs together. People move in cycles. You are not alone.

How you deal with waiting is entirely up to you. You may become impatient, frustrated, angry or give up. On the other hand, you may be patient, calm, happy to "Just be" and ready to act when it is time, trusting that things will change.

Life is a test in a lot of ways. By test, I mean, the energy changes, but the physical or outer self is not caught up to the inner yet. The test is about trusting the process and being intentional without pushing the energy to move before it has ripened. It is also about patience.

Patience can be a hard one for many, and has been for myself at times. I have been results driven. As a meditator, it has allowed me to trust more in the process of life, and yes, I have my moments ;-). Mostly, I know and pay attention to the collective cycles.

With periods of evolution and acceleration, sometimes the best action is just to slow down, to be witness and present to what is happening and let the current take you to the next phase. To just stop pushing and start being.

The life cycle of a plant has periods when it is time for the roots to go deeper. Usually that occurs in a winter cycle. If you observe the plant, on the surface it does not look like anything is growing. But, underneath there is a lot happening.

There is always time to complete cycles. To follow the light from within instead of be driven from what is outside of you. Take the time to go deeper in preparation for you to change and for the world to change. We are about to change the world.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

Thank you for staying in the game, for showing up, for doing your part to clear your stuff. Stay focused, authentic, present and trust in the process.

You are needed now more than ever. You are a leader, part of the new humanity.

There is more to come. Honor yourself as you join with others. The wheel is turning. And, it may be your turn. What are you going to do with the opportunity of change?

My advice is to take your time feeling into the impulse to act from your core awareness, rather than try to make things happen. The impulse is there, I assure you.

The other suggestion is to create a point of focus or theme to work on. That will help keep your grounded or earthed through change.

What is your main focus? Keep that front and center in your consciousness

Whenever there is movement out of a waiting period, there is a tendency to overachieve or arch out of alignment into overdoing mode and then hurt yourself and have to recover. When you are healthy in your approach, you can avoid the trap of getting thrown off balance and aim instead for authentic alignment.

Another way to look at this, is about tempo. Moving out of any waiting period, note what type of tempo is your resonance? How do you want to move to match your authenticity?

Stay centered in LOVE. There are some incredible pockets of love that act as sanctuaries of replenishment. It could be with one person or a family or with a group an animal or communion with nature. Just find them. Focusing on the quality of love will keep the collective and personal fear of change from taking over in your consciousness. That is always one of the tests of change. All of this is training for future "Encounters" when change grabs you and has it's way with you. So aim and be willing to pass the test.

Finally, intention to be happy. Enjoy life.

Hang in there, stay focused, empowered and connected. And, once again, thank you for showing up.

A new day is dawning. You don't need to wait for the world to change. The change is in you and and happens every day with the rising and setting of the sun.


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