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So you want to end sheltering-in-place? Connect the dots. Exodus 2020

Who are your leaders?

The Angel of Death and the First Passover, Charles Foster, 1897. Wikimedia
The Angel of Death and the First Passover, Charles Foster, 1897. Wikimedia

Imagine for a moment that you lived over 3000 years ago. A leader stands among you. He is guided to move you out of slavery and into an oasis of opportunity. Would you let fear keep you from following that leader? Or, would you risk all to move out of desolation and into freedom? That time existed and was known as Exodus, or Yetzirah, in Hebrew. The leader was called Moses.

One of the key events of that time was that Moses urged his people to stay in their homes (shelter-in-place) and mark the door with lamb's blood, so the angel of death could pass over. They were promised they would survive the plague attacking their slave owners - the Egyptians - if they followed instructions. It was, no doubt, a challenging time unlike what we are experiencing with COVID19. I used to love the game as a child called "Connect the Dots." All you had to do was follow the numbers. Once connected, the picture would reveal itself as if by magic. Are you connecting the dots? There is a divinely guided plan of perfection playing out that has been in motion for eternity. Connect the dots. The True Blueprint in all things is like putting puzzle pieces together. Sometimes you are just missing that one piece where it all makes sense. That becomes a prayer to get guidance. Prayer is wifi to the divine. We are navigating an unprecedented time in human history. The pandemic isn't affecting only one country - it is changing the whole world. Humans have an opportunity to level up like never before in a multi-dimensional shift. We humans are not just flat-liners. We are miracles in motion. You must take on a multi-dimensional viewpoint to adapt or even to understand these massive changes taking place. This is the learning curve. I remember seeing a video clip on the Tesseract by Carl Sagan. He gave the most enlightening viewpoint of another dimension from a limited dimensional view. If you do not look beyond what your eyes can see and your senses perceive, you are probably going to freak out. Keep cool and calm. Breathe and find that oasis within you. Once again, learning curve. Trust. Have faith. The ways are here if you seek. I know people who are healing themselves not just from COVID19 but from being a slave to fear—Exodus 2020 is all about true freedom. Nine years before the birth of Christ, the Divine sent a prophet known as Elijah, another true leader, to speak about another Exodus to come. Though this Exodus would not come through a physical move to a promised land, the promised land was through the son of man. That "man" honored the Passover. His last meal was called The Last supper -The Feast of Unleavened Bread. His name was Y'shua Ha'maschiach. He was/is also called the Lamb of God. His time of resurrection teaching is over the Hebrew Passover. Connect the dots. 2000 years later in 2020, a plague has descended with the coronavirus a.k.a. COVID19. The time is now, the Passover - The Feast of Unleavened Bread. It is an excellent time to shelter-in-place and listen to The Leader Within and prepare for Exodus 2020. For those that don't want to connect the dots, or the dots don't make sense yet, or would rather focus on 5D only, I have this to say, the prophecies will continue regardless of beliefs, preferences or distractions. And, we are still in 3D bodies. Empathetic, feeling, vulnerable 3D bodies. We would do wise to learn from this time-out and build up our immune systems and resources while we dismantle the stuff that is not aligned with our Divine selves. I know it is hard to understand. But, this is a supernatural cosmic time. Put on your 5D glasses, but take care your 3D body.

I love my spaceships and star beings and higher self awareness as much as anyone, yet, I have been pruned back to sit down, and stop getting ahead of myself and clear up and serve the now. Holding the portal open, but staying back, until as many as possible can come through. Shelter in place year 3 for me. I appreciate this pause, albeit uncomfortable. This is not hard for me in practice. What is difficult is not connecting to friends, groups, or family in person. I digress, just don't want you to think it is all lollipops and lemonade for me over here either. We all have our places of restraint that are difficult. We are in this together.

The blessings of pause, and the irony of this Passover time where the Divine has sent us all - the whole planet - to our prospective rooms to think about what we have done, is a Divine moment. I feel we are being prepared. I keep hearing, get your house in order; the time is now; there is no more time.

Time is 3D. On a multi-dimensional level, it means time is collapsing. How do we get to a new heaven and a new earth in 3D? We have to bridge to 5D, where there is no time. Those that are connecting to supernatural powers and making "miracles" happen are 5Ders. (New word.) To navigate this specific window, this oasis of opportunity, I suggest you turn your face towards the Divine Heart - the "Leader Within." Ask questions. Ask for help. Make your apologies for where you erred. Release those you have not forgiven, for to stay unforgiving is a type of slavery of its own kind. We, new humans, are being asked to pause from the idols that occupy our attention when we should be tuning IN.

Because when a busy life, economy, and our homes start opening again, this window of quiet will be gone. What are you doing with this time? How are you preparing yourself for the next level? Because to me, this is just a test. A trial. Grace. Are you prepared? Getting aligned with the Divine should be the Numero Uno priority. 1st choice from now until you take your last breath. I wonder what it will be like 3000 years from now as the historical data bits and Akashic records will have recorded this time: the time where humanity was given a choice to connect the dots.

We are writing history, and the Divine is looking to see what choices every one of us is making while we are sheltered-in-place.

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