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We Rise By Lifting Each Other

Pandemic 2020. COVID-19. Ground crew to sky crew, "Is anybody listening?"

Hearts to heart, minds to mind we are here at unprecedented times. Surely, we will never be the same. Should we?

Did we need something drastic to wake and shake us up enforcing social distancing?

Did we need to see what we take for granted on a day by day basis moved away from us in an instant?

Like a benevolent parent teaching their child a lesson in respect and manners, we are being reprimanded.

Shelter-in-place. A result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our human culture has been plagued with social biases. Does this virus discriminate? No. It does not. COVID-19 and it's mutations are touching people across all lands, genders and race differences.

Wouldn't it be of value if humanity learned to lift each other through hearts and mind, souls and spirit? Perhaps this is the reason for the physical distancing. Learn the lesson of the power and effect of vibrations and not have to focus all the time on the physical.

This present moment, more than ever, is where we need to learn to lead from love.

Humanity is in a great testing period and the planet is on the line.

COVID-19 is a war virus. It has been created to start a war. What kind of war?

It remains to be seen. Perhaps it is a war to bring down the walls of separation, to get us to bring more attention to homelessness, or to come into our homes and sit down and listen deeply to our one humanity. Ground crew to Sky Crew, we need help.

Do we fight the virus?

Perhaps. But, in my experience, both personally and in my practice, I have seen if you fight anything without receiving the gift in the lesson, it will just come back to haunt you in another way, again.

History repeats itself, until we get the Big Picture.

On the ground crew level, we do need to strengthen our immune systems, keep warm and go back to being courteous, like covering the mouth when you pass someone to sneeze, or taking the time to wash your hands before you handle food. Common sense practices that are part of good manners. Things you would teach your kids.

The virus is teaching us to be mindful of our surroundings, environment and each other.

Listen deeply for life will correct us. It is part of what needs to happen for our evolution as a species. It has happened before and it will happen again.

Even if this is a man-made virus, (which some say was created as a military biological weapon of warfare to gain control over the people and put a global system of new world order in place,) I believe the "Sky Crew" will have the last act.

COVID-19 is serving, right, wrong or indifferent, a collective wake-up call, no doubt. Will we heed the lesson?

It is time to rise. How do we rise? By lifting each other. How else are we to evolve with our broken hearts in our hands.

So, wash up. Get your house in order and check your conscience. Because the next phase is here. As one of my clients so aptly put, " Nature bats last." If we respect nature, we can survive.

Hopefully, we will leave our children and grandchildren the message to lift each other up and show right relationship to planet and people.

After COVID-19 disappears, we undoubtedly will never be the same, and maybe that is a good thing.

© Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved. Holly Shantara - Divining the Divine®️ On The Go Guidance & LifeStar Coaching®️ For The New Human Leader

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