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Where Will You Be a Year From Now?

Intentions VS Resolutions

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there - Lewis Carroll

Tis true! Randomness will get you random results. But focused intent can lead the way.

As you come to the close of another cycle, you might be wondering what resolutions you should make. I would like to invite you into the experience of being intentional rather than resolute. According to INC. Magazine, " Studies Show 91 Percent of Us Won't Achieve Our New Year's Resolutions." Resolutions have value and according to studies, most fail.

What works instead of resolutions for creating change? Intention.

Resolutions are fixed. Humans are not.

Intentions allow for fluidity of experience, change and growth. If you fall off the wagon with a resolution you have failed. If you fail an intention, you can regroup and get back on track. Your intention has not changed even if circumstances have.

Let's say you want to be a millionaire by a certain date. Do what you can to get there. Make your resolution. You may or may not achieve. But your intention will allow for a fluid experience and keep your self-esteem from plummeting and your failures transformative.

Using the power of intention, here are some tips to navigate the closing off of one yearly cycle and the welcoming the next:

  1. Ask yourself, where do I intend to be a year from now? Feel into a year from today. What are the circumstances, relationships, thoughts and feelings, career, health and financial aspirations you would like to create and experience?

  2. Self-check each of the eight houses/areas of your LifeStar: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, professional, financial, relationship, and environment as guideposts for your creations. ( For more read my book Live Like A LifeStar and work the companion journal or sign up for my 6-month LifeStar Leader Within Coaching Plan to kick-start your year or any new cycle.)

  3. For prompts, think of your true values that are front and center themes in your life. What is driving you these days? Pick around three or four values, like love, wisdom, and power. Or, mine for this next year: Health, Purpose, Love, Power.

  4. Use words as focal points—your theme for the year. Just ask your intuition and higher intelligence. Then tune into a term for the month, add a word for the week, and you can even do one for the day. (Ex. Word for the year: Refinement. Word for the month: Completion. Word for the Week: Planting. Word for the day: Breath.)

  5. Lastly, clean up clutter. It can happen at the end of a cycle and well into the first month of the new. The way to make this easy on yourself is to think in terms of Keep. Decide. Delete. If you are going to keep it, plan to take care of it intentionally. If you can't decide on it, put it aside for now until you have made a decision. If it doesn't belong in your life, delete and give or throw it away.

By taking inventory of where you are going, guided by your values, and adding a few keywords with some inspired action, you will set yourself up to create your destiny.

A couple of things to remember:

  1. No need to go overboard with tasking. Better to be authentic and thorough than overwhelmed, rushed, and ineffective. At the end of a cycle, find ways to make this future-focused energy fun and intentional.

  2. If you are having difficulty finding your Words, randomly open a dictionary, sacred text, or Word Cube for inspiration.

  3. If you need to go a little deeper, make the time to listen to a meditation or guided journey.

Get quiet. Go within. Set some time aside. Then when you come into the new cycle, you will have made your intentions.

Do you know where you are going? Set your intentions and begin. A year from now you will be glad you did.

Happy New!

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