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Which Wolf Will Win? Healing The Divide Within

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

You probably know the experience of being behind someone in a vehicle on a roadway straddling two lanes. They can't seem to decide which lane to go into. You find yourself saying "pick a lane!"

It is like you are that driver straddling the lanes, when you are divided within yourself.

Ycan make the most change if you start with you. itical front, and in relationship, and focus on the "them" the division outside of you. However, the division is within.

Clearly, you can make the most change if you start with you.

Pick a lane. Choose. Decide.

My choice is to follow the Divine, all the time. Yours?

I started a new spontaneous podcast, SOUL & LIGHT, and speak about division in my first episode: Resistance & Receptivity.

The A.I. must have heard me, because this Time Magazine article popped up on my feed from author, Peter T Coleman, titled "The U.S. is Headed Toward a Second Civil War. Here is how we avoid It."

Mr. Coleman is the founding partner of STARTS With US. A movement to overcome extreme cultural and political divisions in America. His latest book is "The Way Out: How to Overcome Toxic Polarization." He is a professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at Columbia University.

This subject is interesting to me and I found his approach encouraging.

He quotes the following story which I have also written about in my book Live Like a LifeStar:

There is an old tale about a Cherokee elder teaching his grandchild about life. He said, "a fight is going on inside you between two wolves. One wolf is fear, greed, anger, arrogance, envy and ego. The other stands for joy, peace, love, hope, kindness, generosity and faith. The same fight is going on within you too." The boy thought about it for a moment. Then he asked his grandfather, "which wolf will win." The grandfather replied, "the one you feed."

The division is always within. Can you feel the place where you are being prompted to decide? To choose between the light and dark. It is less about politics and more about the energetics of good and evil, which is playing out politically.

Again, it is easy to look outside of one's self and place blame. We all do. But, as long as we do, there is a powerlessness to truly heal. We can't heal, when there is blame going on.

Heal the division within and choose, decide what direction you want to go. Pick your lane. Then go.

In a recent article, filmmaker Michael Moore, who seems to have a 6th sense about politics, stated that the most significant political grouping in the U.S. is not Republican or Democrat but non-voters. Interesting and frightening.

If you do not choose, or cast your vote, someone gets to choose for you. Encourage others around you to choose as well.

"Out beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing is a field. I will meet you there." - Rumi

This is my choice. To go into the field of the Divine. This means to make an active concentrated effort to forgo blame and shame. To get out of the way of my ego, and into the field of energy that is pulsing with life, peace, hope and healing where the good wolf lives.

All of that is not about being in the world. But, we are in the world, and a house divided will not stand. We have to choose now. We have to stand.

Know where you stand.

To help in this quest of healing the divisions within:

  • Notice - Pay attention to where you feel divided. Ex:"Should I stay or should I go?"

  • Listen - Sometimes you are being called to wait before acting. Listen first.

  • Choose - You are the doer, the chooser, the decider. Choose consciously.

  • Act - Take action after noticing, listening, choosing.

  • Clarify - Double check your values, morals, drive and ambition. Stay true to you.

Most important do not sow division. Create an opportunity for dialog. Be a part of the solution.

What reality are you available for?

It really comes down to using your 6th sense to find your way and choose beyond division to navigate the inner terrain of these times.

Realize not everyone, hardly anyone in fact, on the news or the political stage or any industry is using their intuition to navigate these times. It does set you out on the leading edge of awareness and is your greatest protection.

Stand out from the mob. Be a trailblazer. Use your sensitivity to pay attention to your inner guidance to stay connected. It is a necessary time to do so as the veils are lifting and everything and everyone is being exposed.

Peter T Coleman, is right. Maybe there really is a way out. It starts with us.

How do you heal the divide?

Feed the good wolf within.

© Copyright 2022. All Rights Reserved. Holly Shantara - Divining the Divine®️ On The Go Guidance & LifeStar Coaching®️ For The New Human Leader

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