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Keeping an Attitude of Gratitude

Updated: Jan 31, 2023



I have been inspired by The Divine to reach out to you at this time. Hey, that rhymes... let's keep this that we can keep flowing... for the times they are a changing... and there is much that is rearranging... Do not lose heart, for a world that is torn apart... you are most needed... to keep the light on the show a helping hand for those that are blind to the plan of lifting humans to Divine Man... I know it is hard to understand... why the world is the way it is... what do you say to the kids? But, I assure you there is a plan, why else would we come so far, only to go back again? Because sometimes we have to go back to go forward even though it is kind of awkward... to still visit the mind, that can be so blind to heart and humanity it seems like a calamity... so why go there?

Because some part of our collective consciousness chose this reality! This mass desire of humanity to come out of poverty, job loss, struggle and strife has chosen this way.

I mentioned this for the past few years - the Divine Download - that I had received, about the Divine Pattern emerging and EVERYTHING that was corrupting the Divine Pattern was going to come to the surface and be revealed, and... given the OPPORTUNITY to come up to the vibration of the Divine Pattern or be destroyed. THIS IS THE PLAN OF THE DIVINE.

So, even though things look rough, emotions are high, people are divided, you can still do something to influence the energy and keep a wave of positive change going. Here are a few tips:

  1. THE MONEY PEACE: Know that the RIGHT use of money is meant to fund what your SPIRIT and heart and soul are inspiring you to do. The energy of the Divine has to be infused into the financial world. Hold that thought and be grateful for the resources on this planet that make it happen. Let's be clear: It ain't the government making that happen. It is the earth's resources. Give thanks for the gas in your car, the dollars in your hand, the food on your table. When you are at peace that your money is purposed through your Divine Connection, you cannot help but raise the vibration of the financial world and fund your true purpose in the Divine Plan.

  2. THE POWER PEACE: There has been an abdication of power by the spiritual folks who just want to see love and light reign. I get it. But, some of those spiritual folks can be sitting on a mountain of unexpressed anger. It is one of the reasons the nation is "seeing all red" now. Get this: IF YOU DON'T HAVE POWER YOU CANNOT MOVE THE WORLD. Make peace with power in you even if it shows up as anger. Express it constructively and ideally through the heart channel. Power is energy. You need power to move, to heal, to have a voice that means what it says and to support your beautiful heart. Recently, I went through some health challenges and I was down. I didn't have the energy to do much, except talk on the phone to clients. My spirit was intact, but not the body. ( I was previewing the coming changes as many have who are sensitives.) As I started to focus on having power in my body again, I began to heal. Be grateful for your power and use it to make a difference. Just make sure it is guided by wisdom and use it to love more powerfully.

  3. THE HEART PEACE: The Dalai Lama said it best -

No matter what is going on

Never give up

Develop the heart

Too much energy in your country

is spent developing the mind

instead of the heart

Develop the heart

Be compassionate

Not just to your friends

but to everyone

Be compassionate

Work for peace

in your heart and in the world

Work for peace

and I say again

Never give up

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Be grateful for the hearts you feel aligned with at this time. It may not be the whole world, yet if you can find one person or an animal or a tree that you can find heart resonance with, start there and then grow together in love and support. This will help send a positive wave into the world.

These tips should help those that have been unsettled by the recent political climate to refocus and those that are inspired by the recent political climate to keep perspective on what matters. Believe me, I have heard both sides of the conversation.

Like it or not, we are all in this together. So, do your part, make a difference, maintain an attitude of gratitude for each moment of this beautiful life and come into present time for that is where the power is and also in you. Heaven is an inside job each and every day and inspired by YOU.

However you are choosing to spend the holidays, I hope you feel a wave of positive energy exchange.

©️. All Rights Reserved. Holly Shantara - Divining the Divine®️ On The Go Guidance & LifeStar Coaching®️ For The New Human

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