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What Would It Be Like To Dine With The Divine?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

This is a poem that came as a Divine download back in 1999. Little did I know the way was being shown to bridge the 3D to 5D reality through Divining the Divine®️, my life's work and legacy. Enjoy this transmission as it is poignant for bridging heaven and earth.

Dine with the Divine... Pull up your self and stay a while

Reminisce about heavenly worlds.

Free your mind. Take off the shackles

of worldly cares and tail chasing purposes.

Dine with the Divine... Take off your coat and hat

and other veils that you’ve believed to be you.

Become true… At this event you can be naked.

Are you ready to eat? Then let the first course begin

Dine with the Divine...You are served a heartfelt connection.

One that cleanses your soul and clears your palette

of any old residues from false-form ingestions.

This goes for ego bondage too - let go your egos.

Dine with the Divine... The eyes begin to close.

As the connection is made and digestion of the first course begins,

here, at this event, you can let your mouth fall open.

Sacred essence emerges fluidly flowing to fill your cup full to overflowing.

Dine with the Divine... Your senses become alive.

Is the food from within or without? It does not matter. It is the same.

Delectable swirls of light mixed with love, touch the forehead.

You can eat with your third eye here. You can drink from your crown.

Dine with the Divine... The next course is rich.

Watch your intentions become your next meal.

Think carefully now, the role of chef has just been granted to you.

What do you choose for your bread and butter?

Dine with the Divine... Reality is being cooked!

The ingredients are available, the choices are many.

Suffering and sorrow make a bitter cup of soup to swallow.

Joy and happiness make an ambrosia that invites the faeries to play.

Dine with the Divine... Did you say free will?

Then what will be for desert? A lifetime of love?

For that is what is available here when you make the choice to...

Dine with the Divine... There is no room for fear here.

Surrender misfortune, clear your plate of old dreads.

Pull up your personality and let your soul guide you instead.

Dine with the Divine... Get out of your own way.

Let the Master of the house serve you completely!

Receive such a gift for it is such a pleasant opportunity,

to let the shells fall away, to reveal what’s inside.

Dine with the Divine... The final course has arrived.

A beautiful form of luminous essence that the master

has given from Itself as a parting gift. It is you in your true light.

It always was, is and will be remembered if you take the time to…

Dine with the Divine... The food is always heavenly!

©Holly Shantara Farrow a.k.a. Holly Shantara - 1999

© Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved. Holly Shantara - Divining the Divine®️ On The Go Guidance & LifeStar Coaching®️ For The New Human Leader

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