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Ready to Meet the Leader Within

If you had an appointment with the Divine, would you be ready? How would you prepare yourself?

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lau Tzu

The thought crossed her mind, "Will I live through this?"

Casey had not been herself lately. The last year was a killer: A difficult relationship; a child living abroad; overwhelmed by working her own business; and stress related health challenges. She knew she needed to find something that could fill the void and feed her soul so she began traveling from Arizona to New York to take some courses in meditation and visualization with a teacher she admired. Her life force replenished just enough for her to feel a spring in her step.

Hope renewed, Casey began planning the next phase of her life. There was optimism. Joy. Healing. And then the virus hit.

She called her teacher in New York who guided Casey on an inner journey of wellness, peace and healing. Casey knew her survival depended on her ability to get quiet enough to take those daily inner journeys.

What is your practice when life goes awry? Do you take it to your altar or yoga mat? Do you sedate, over work and check out? Or, do you check in? Who or what do you turn too to renew your well spring?

Steven lost his job. It hit him hard. The old demons of depression he fought hard to keep at bay were knocking on his door again. He waited, trying to be patient, but obsessing over his loss, thinking that if he could just ride the storm out, another job would come. Every day became a challenge as he wrestled with himself.

In the meantime, thoughts loomed in his head telling him he was a failure. He started sleeping in and isolating from friends and family. Depression had come like a fog on the Atlantic and he felt like he was sweating bullets into his pillow until drifting off to sleep.

One day, Steven checked his email to find that a dear, old friend was in his town and wanted to meet up. Steven froze. "I don't want her to see me like this." For an instant, he thought to not answer. Just maybe she would go away. Yet, a little voice inside said, "Answer."

As Steven agreed to meet his friend Beth, it was like the fog lifted, the sun came out and they brainstormed about ideas and talked about how that job he lost wasn't right for him in the first place. He realized he had not been happy there for a long time.

He opened his mind and heart to ideas and thoughts that had been drowned through the voices of negativity and depression. Steven marveled that if he had not replied to that email to meet up with Beth, he could have continued down a very dark road. Instead, he was grateful to have time to play his guitar. Steven decided to teach guitar online and found inspiration to update his resume. With his new found attitude, opportunity had found Steven.

Sometimes the Divine calls in ways that you least expect. Are you answering?

Have you noticed that it is the little things that matter most when the path is hard, not the big things? A friend doesn't respond in a timely manner. Your coffee maker doesn't work. The delivery you wanted is delayed another week.

There is reason for this pause when things don't work. Notice the little things. Reach out to an old friend. Take a much needed nap. Notice the birds singing.

I invite you to trust that life may be whispering to you through the little things right now.

You are being called to a Divine Appointment. It is time to listen. To prepare. To reach out to others and speak about the opportunity that is being presented.

Are you prepared? Are you listening? Take the steps. Listen to the guidance within.

There is a cacophony of promises and well meaning wayshowers in the collective mainstream right now shouting numbers of how many have not lived through this and are not going to live; how many jobs and dollars are lost; how many masks are needed and toilet paper rolls are sold out and how soon, or not, we will recover.

What I want to know is how many are prepared to show up for their Divine appointment? It can happen in an instant. Like Steven or Casey.

The truth is the truth. People recover from Covid. Steve has recovered his sanity and Casey has recovered her inner peace.

They were guided, prompted, and led to solutions. Are you listening?

"The mind is its own place, and in it self, can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n." - John MIlton

I have found this to be true: when the mind is in the dark and life brings you to your knees, stay there a while until you find the Light.

The leader within is calling you to take single steps.

Remember it is the little things that are the blessings and silver linings that just might be the answer to a prayer and the questions in your mind and heart.

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